Italy (SISM) - Novara
Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Hematology and Oncohematology, Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Unit, Urology, Gynecology
4 scope october, 4 scope november, 1 score october, 1 score november
1 meal per working day
Student Apartment, Hosting by Med Students
Our Hospital "Ospedale Maggiore della Carità" requires you to be visited by a partner facilty during your first week of internship. You will get a blood test done and a medical examination.
You have to get Polio vaccine, TD (tetanus, diphtheri
Ginevra Bariosco

Novara is the capital town of the province of Novara in the Piedmont region. Piedmont is one of the regions of the northwest of Italy. 
Novara is situated just in between Milan and Turin. 


Incoming students will intern at "Ospedale Maggiore della Carità" in Novara. 
This institution was founded in the first half of the eleventh century and developed through the years. Today it stands as referral hospital for the Northern East Piedmont and it's one of the biggest hospitals in the region. 

The Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro" is a young athenaeum, founded in 1998. It is based in Novara, Vercelli, Alessandria and a few other small cities. Despite the recent establishment the University ranked third in the annual Censis classification among small universities. 

In Novara the college buildings are divided between the departments such as Traslation Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Biotechnology. Each year about 100 students are admitted to the School of Medicine in Novara, on the grounds of the national entrance exam.

We have Reserach projects availabale in:
  • Immunolgy Lab;
  • Pathology Lab;
  • Microbiology Lab;
  • Genetics Lab.

At least will be provided one free meal per day during the week (meals are not assured at the weekend). Very likely you will be given pocket money.
Incoming students will stay in either rented apartments or they will be hosted by Med Students.

Novara is a small city that you can live comfortably on foot, from the city center you can easily walk to the hospital and to the train station.  

SUN offers a bus service throughout the city and in connection with neighboring small cities. You can find here the timetables that usually change according to the seasons. 

A bike sharing service is provived in the city so you can ask more informations to your hosting LEO. By the way, Novara is famous for its cycle lanes, they are everywhere. 

Around Novara you can use the taxi service if you need to go where the public transportation service doesn't cover. You can even book it online on their website 

From the main airports

  • Milan Malpensa (MPX) Airport - Terminal 1 & 2
    • STN Novara-Malpensa bus service
      HERE you can find all the timetables (look at the second table)
      Leave from Aeroporto Malpensa Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, and arrive at Novara Garibaldi FS.
      The service is available everyday.
      Tickets on board.
      Stops are:
      for MXP Terminal 1: Arrival Area - Exit 4 - platform n. 14
      for MXP Terminal 2: Arrival Area - next to Comazzi firm - platform n. 19
    • Malpensa Express to Busto Arsizio + Train to “Novara Nord” Station
      HERE all the information you need about Malpensa Express.
      You leave from Malpensa Aereoporto and you arrive at Busto Arsizio Station.
      In Busto Arsizio you have to take the train to Novara, and you will arrive at “Novara Nord” Station which is the last stop.
      HERE you can find timetables.
      Tickets are available at the Ticket Office. For on board tickets an extra fee of 5€ will be applied.
      If you arrive at “Novara Nord” Station, next to Viale Leonardo da Vinci, you can easily get to “Novara - Ferrovie dello Stato (FS)”Station through a yellow pedestrian underpass that can be found crossing Viale Loeonardo da Vinci by the crosswalk.
    • Train to "Milano centrale (FS)" Station + Train to "Novara - Ferrovie dello Stato (FS)" Station
      HERE all the information you need about trains.
      Leave from Malpensa Aereoporto and arrive at Milano Centrale.
       Once in Milano, take the train to Novara.
  • Milan Linate (LIN) Airport
    • Starfly bus service to Milano Central Station + Train to “Novara - Ferrovie dello Stato (FS)” Station
      HERE you can find Starfly timetables.
      Leave from Linate and arrive at Milano Stazione C.le.
      The journey takes about 25 minutes.
      Tickets can be purchased either online or at the Ticket Office.
      One-way Ticket is 5€, Return Ticket is 9€.
      Once got to Milano Stazione Centrale, take the train to Novara.
      HERE all the information you need.
  • Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) Airport
    • Orio Shuttle bus service to Milano Central Station + Train to “Novara - Ferrovie dello Stato (FS)” Station
      HERE you can find Orio Shuttle timetables. Leave from Orio al Serio (APT) and arrive at Milano Centrale.
      Tickets can be purchased online for 4,99€ (One Way) or 9.98 € (Round trip).
      The journey takes about 50 minutes.
      There is a direct service available every day, every half an hour from 3 a.m. to 12 a.m.
      Once in Milano Stazione Centrale, take the train to Novara.
      HERE all the information you need.

From other cities in Italy
 Novara is easily connected with Milan, Turin and other cities by train.
HERE you can find all the information you need.

Taxis are always available.

Social program will be arranged acording to the number of incoming students. Usually we organize a welcome dinner and a farewell one.
  • Basilica of St. Gaudenzio
    This important church was built between 1577 and 1590. It wanted to symbolize the citizens of Novara against the Spanish absolute government.
     Within the church is preserved a silver urn containing the remains of the patron saint of the diocese: St. Gaudenzio.
  • The cupola of St. Gaudenzio
    After receiving the Royal Assent it began a fundraising campaign to build the cupola that would have topped the basilica.
    Antonelli in 1840 established the building sites which worked untill 1887 to raise the 121 meters tower, which now stands over the city.
  • Duomo of Novara
    Alessandro Antonelli begin the construction work in mid-1800, but he leaves them incomplete. Costanzo Antonelli, Alesandro's son, creates the great portal. The pronaos is currently unfinished and it will never be completed. The inside is divided into three naves divided by twelve Corinthian columns.
    • Baptistery
       It is currently the most ancient building in town. It was built in the V century maybe under Saint Gaudenzio's episcopate. The baptisery is decorated with early Christian and Roman representations found on several layers during different restoration actions.
  • The Broletto
    Is a medieval architectural complex wich consists of four buildings arisen in different eras, with different styles and not coherent with each other, arranged in a quadrangle around a central courtyard called "Arengo". the four palaces are: Arengo Palace, Referendari Palace, Paratici Palace and Podestà Palace.
  • Coccia Theatre
    Construction work started in 1886 and ended in 1888. The main facade, with the first floor in the Doric style and subsequent Ionian Style, is encircled by a colonnade of pink granite of Baveno. Even today, the spacious main room, horseshoe-shaped, has three tiers of boxes, with decorations of the Renaissance, above which there is the gallery.
  • The Castle of Novara
    The first historical evidences say that in 1272 a castle called Turricella was built in Novara. This was actually a tower-shaped house.In 1293, the castle, is owned by Visconti's family. In 1466 the structure was reinforced and the walls were built. In 1803 it became a military prison, in 1973 prison inmates are tranferred to a new location. In 2003 the City of Novara rented the castle from the State property for a symbolic period of 19 years, so they can begin the work of rehabilitation and conservation which still in progress.


Novara and neighboring towns offer a variety of museums and exhibitions that can help you better understand the culture, land, traditions and history of the town.
HERE there is a list of main museums you can find in Novara and precise information about openening hours and location.

  • Museums of the Cathedral's presbytery
  • Municipal museums (hosted at the Broletto)
  • Museum of Natural History "Faraggiana Ferrandi"
  • Gallery of Modern Art "Paolo e Adele Giannoni"
  • Naval Museum ANMI
  • Novara Museum of art and history with Archeology Section
  • Historical Museum of Novara "Aldo Rossini"


  • 22 January - Feast of San Gaudenzio (Saint Gaudentius of Novara): During the day, it is possible to visit the tomb of the saint and to obtain the typical roasted chestnuts.
  • 23 March - Re-enactment of the 1849 Battle of Novara
  • 25 April - Liberation day: the Novaresi organise numerous initiatives to commemorate the Italian resistance movement, and in particular, the partisans who fought around Novara and in the "Partisan Republic of the Ossola".
  • During the summer months - Estate Novarese: a wide amount of differet events wich includes music, dance, art, literature, food and wine.
  • Since 2005, Novara hosts the "Novara Gospel Festival", that is composed by workshops, local tours, and obviously gospel concerts in the main theatre of the city
  • Since 2001, Giovani Espressioni ("Young Expressions") has been held in Novara. This is a musical festival for emerging young musicians. It is of special importance as a showcase for emerging bands that picks a winner every year.

Markets & Shopping


Corso Cavour

There are several supermarkets in the town center. Others are scattered all over the town and can be reached easily either on foot or by public transportation.


"Centro Commerciale San Martino 2" is big mall where you can find what you need and more.

Shopping Streets

Corso Cavour is the street with the largest concentration of shops in Novara.
Several other stores can be found in side streets between Corso Cavour and Piazza Martiri.


If you like sports, lots of leisure centres and activities can be found in Novara.
Just check the following ones:

Green Areas and Parks

Novara is full of green areas and parks where you can go cycling, walking, jogging or simply relax yourself. The most popular one is the "Parco Allea", very close to the centre of town.


You can subscribe to a Wi-Fi service available for free in the center of town by clicking here Novara WIFI. It is available for everyone and you can apply with your passport or Identity Document data.

You can ask for a tourist card, it is free and it offers you a lot of benefits in a huge amount of structure in our territory. HERE you can subscribe for it and find all the information you need. Mind to register in time: the card will be send at your address.