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S. Gerardo Hospital canteen
student hostel or students families
There is the possibility to draw up the Liability Insurance with the University insurance company. For more informations ask the LEO/CP. You will have to draw up the remaining policies on your own. Before their arrival, students must provide a letter
Alessandro Tagliabue

Monza is a very nice town in the middle of northern Italy, 15 km north-east of Milan. Although it's quite a small city (it has
about 120 000 inhabitants), it's one of the most important cities in the Lombardy region of Italy and a county town since 
2010. It is worldwide best known for its Grand Prix motor racing circuit, the Autodromo Nazionale of Monza, which host every September a Formula1 race. 
Very close to the hospital, there is Monza Park, one of the biggest walled parks in Europe. Inside of it you can find the Royal Villa of Monza.
The city center is a nice place to hang out, meet people, do some shopping and have a look to the Cathedral, the Arengario and the historical buildings.

Milano is easily accessible with trains, busses and underground.
Day trips can be organized to Como lake, Maggiore lake, Verona, Venice, Liguria (5 Terre and Genua), the Alpes, Turin, Padua and many more places.

The university hospital you're going to attend is Ospedale San Gerardo of Monza, one of the most important in Italy. 
Departments are all available, except for Psychiatry.
Anyway, not all the departments shown us the same availability, it depends on how many students are already attending an internship there at the moment and on the period of the year (in July not all the ambulatories are working).
We will try to respect your favourite choice of ward, but please mind some thecnical problems can occur.
To attend some specific wards (for example ophtalmology) it could be usefull to have already passed the exam.
Some excellences our hospital is proud of are Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Hematology (it is also possible to arrange an attendance of the labs where a drug as Imatinib was developed), Pulmonology, Infectious Diseases, and many more.

The labs are located just behind the hospital, in the university buildings.
The projects we offer are:
1) experimental models for xenotransplantation studies: porcine endothelial cells in vitro and genetically modified mouse models
2) Isolation and Characterization of TLQP-21 receptors

The researchers and professors in the labs are very pleased to have students working with them, and if a congress occurs while you are staying here, it is also possible that they decide to bring you with them and the PhDs.
The Hosting Committee offers to the Incomings one meal at the Hospital Canteen, from Monday to Friday.
you could be either hosted in a hostell inside of the Monza Park (very close to the hospital, so that you can reach it every morning by bike), in other hostells in Monza or in a host Family, usually with a student of our university.
Monza can be easily reached; you can choose between airplans, trains, cars, even feet..


- Orio Al Serio: From there you can reach Monza via Shuttle ( ).
- Milano Malpensa: From Milano Malpensa you can reach Monza via Shuttle ( ). This is the farthest airport from Monza.
- Milano Linate: From Linate you can reach Monza via Shuttle ( )


Monza's station is very well connecte to Milano Stazione Centrale (trains every hour), Milano Porta Garibaldi (2-3 trains every hour) and Milano Lambrate (2 trains every hour) 
FS here:
The train brings you here: Monza Station FS, and you're just next to the city center.

Once you get to Monza's train station or Monza's shuttle station, you will find you CP waiting for you. (sometimes it could be easier for the CP to come pick you up directly at the airport, but this is not granted)
Our Local Committee enjoys a lot this part of the exchange :) We organize an amazing social program, that includes:
- Welcome Dinner
- Farewell international Party (<- you should bring some special food from your country)
- Nights out in Milano best discos

Aperitivo, Night out, Trips to the lake and in the park... everything will be arranged from the local scope-score committee and we will send you a detailed program a few weeks before your arrival!
Usualy everything take place during the week (and maybe saturday) so that you can travel around Italy during the weekend1
Before your arrival we will send you a detailed guide book with all the information you need to discover Monza, the area and the entire Italy!

Here you can find some Must sees in Monza
Duomo di Monza

The most important religious architecture of the city, it is located in the main square of the centre. It was built between 
XIV and XVII century and it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It's famous because of its precious Treasure: among 
all the jewels, Queen Teodolinda's Iron Crown, that, according to the tradition, contains one of Christ's crucifixion spikes.
Villa reale
One of the most important monuments of the city, the mansion was built during Austrian domination in Milan, as a 
symbol of prestige of the Asburgic Court. It was built for Ferdinand of Austria to spend there his summer months. From 
the beautiful gardens (which include an important rose garden) of the villa, you can enter into the park of Monza. In 
summer, it hosts an outdoor cinema.
Parco di Monza
One of the biggest European historical parks (it is the fourth biggest fenced park in Europe). It is a beautiful combination 
of nature, offering amazing landscapes, and historical buildings and it hosts furthermore the F1 circuit Autodromo 
Nazionale of Monza.
It is the ancient town hall of Monza, built in XIII century. It is located in the historical centre, at the crossroads of the main 
walking streets.
Ponte dei Leoni
Historical bridge on Lambro, the river which crosses the city.
Every day you can find different kind of markets in the streets and squares of the centre. The second sunday of each 
month there is also the antique market.
The most important is, with no doubts, La Rinascente (even if the one in Monza it's smaller than the one in Milan). This is 
an Italian chain-store comparable to English Harrods or to French Lafayette. La Rinascente of Monza is located in a nice 
square with a fountain, just at the beginning of the shopping streets in the centre.
Shopping Streets
Monza is full of nice shops: from the trendy one to the classical, from cheapest to most expensive ones, from most 
known chains to little italian brands.
Before their arrival, students must provide a letter from their family or occupational physician that myst be typed on the doctor's letterhead and in legible English. This letter should inculde:
- Immunity (to be shown by laboratory tests) and certificate of vaccination towards the following disease: hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella;
- Date of the most recent (within the last two months) tuberculin skin test (PPD) and the end result of reading (positive or negative; if positive the diamer of induration in mullimeters). If tubercolin skin test is positive, a recent (within the last two months) chest x-ray should be provided

We usually create a facebook group with all the incomings, CPs, and local committee where you can ask us information, get all the material and organize our events :)