Italy (SISM) - Modena
Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Haematology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Endocrinology, Transplantation Surgery, ORL, Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Nephrology, Vascolar Surgery, Paediatrics, Toracic Surgery, Clinical Pathology, Reumathology, Neurosurgery, gynecology and obstetrics, Emathology, Pneumology, P, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Traumathology, Urology
10 scope october, 3 score september, 4 scope october
We will provide just one meal: you'll have coupons or we will give you a pocket money, but it is changing year by year! You can eat at Self Service Restaurant Rita, right in front of the Hospital, or you can also eat in the Hospital Caffetteria.
While you're in Modena you're going to stay at "San Filippo Neri" University Residence, that's about 15-20 minutes by bicycle from the Hospital. It's well-served by cycle-track and ever by bus! You will stay basicly in a double room with another student.
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Modena is in the North of Italy, very close to Bologna. It is one hour by train from Florence and Milan and two hour and a half from Rome.

Unimore, university of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, is an historical athenaeum, that is the centre of cultural life of Emilia-Romagna region since 1175. Reggio-Emilia is distant 40 minutes by car from Modena, and Modena, where you can find most of the faculties of Unimore, is distant 1 hour by car from Bologna, the chief town of the region. The seat of medicine faculty is located within the complex of the general hospital of the city. The “Policlinico” hospital is located in a central position, not to far from the historical downtown. It takes 15 minutes to get there by public transport from the central train station.

The Policlinico Universitario is a big Hospital, made of new and old building all connected together. It covers an area of 160,000 square meters and it has 765 beds (updated on 03/09/ we think they're much more!). In the last 10 years new locations for students were built up: you'll have the pleasure to visit Service Center and the Medical Library, where you can have an internet access and you can find your SISM friends rotting on their know how it works, you're medical students too!

Some of the department that you can attend as student (such as Neurology or Endocrinology) are located in the New Civil Hospital. It is something like 8 km outside Modena in Baggiovara. But don't worry, you don't have to go there by bicycle! There's Gigetto! The little train! It can bring you fron the "Little train station" (that's in the middle between the residence and the Policlinico) directly in front of the New Civil Hospital.

We have research project avaiable in the departements of Infectious Disease: Body composition changes in ageing HIV infected patients: the complex interplay between low muscle mass, lipodystrophy and osteopenia.
We will provide you 100€, we will give you money back if you keep the recipes. You can eat at Self Service Restaurant Rita, right in front of the Hospital, or you can also eat in the Hospital Caffetteria, where they have a lot of sandwiches, salads and hot dishes.

While you're in Modena you're going to stay at "San Filippo Neri" University Residence, that's about 15-20 minutes by bicycle from the Hospital. It's well-served by cycle-track and ever by bus! You will stay basicly in a double room with another student (same sex!) and you'll have your own bathroom. In each Floor there is a common kitchen and a laundry room (they have BIG washing mashine!) , where you can wash your clothes for 1 euro. There's also Internet service (bring your own connection cable...there is no wi-fi) on the first floor, TV room and a self service restaurant downstairs. Please bring with you your own towels; the sheets are given for free and clean once a week.


The easiest way to reach Modena from foreign countries is to take a flight to “Marconi” airport of Bologna, and take a train to cover the journey to Modena. There's also a Bus Service that can bring you directly from the airport to Modena Little Station or to Modena Bus Station. Just ask when you'll be at the airport. When you will arrive to the Central Station or to the Little Station or even to the Bus station we normally come to pick you by car directly. Just let us know!

The easiest way to move in the city is by public transport, in particular bus. A normal ticket that is valid for one hour of travel costs 1 euro, but you can do an all-day ticket that costs 2 euro. Besides there are monthly subscriptions that allow you to economize a considerable amount. Moreover the bus is quick and useful because connect city-centre with the university, and, no underestimate, saves you to from looking for a parking!!Taxi are good for extraordinary situation, but not ordinary, because are very expensive. Finally don't remember the's always the best choice with a clement weather...:)

Do you need something to drink and a night with friends after being all day long in the hospital?! We know you need it...don't be shy!
In the old city center there are two place where you have to go if you want to drink something: Via Gallucci and Piazza Pomposa (yeah...near the Church we were talking about before!). Here there are all the pubs and the nightclubs...and all the human beings (male or you want!) between 16 and 35 years old that work/study/live in Modena.
In September there are other two places and they are the top on Thursdays (End)Summer Nights: Dogali Swimming Pool, where you can go for an happy hour (the food is enough even for dinner!) and Baluardo la Cittadella, a crowded nightclub where you can dance and have a lot of fun.
There are also a lot of place around Modena and in the cities around...and the guys of the Local Committee will be happy to bring you there with them if there will be the chance
Never heard something about Modena?! Never ever?! No problem…It’s not a HUGE city like Rome or Milan…and for you will be very very easy to see everything here...just riding a bicycle! And we will be happy to guide you in the little streets of the city!
Just to let you know the most beautiful place IN the city… here they are:
Duomo e Piazza Grande (the Cathedral and the Central Square)Torre della Ghirlandina (Ghirlandina’s Tower), keep hoping that the renovations have come to an end on time!Chiesa si Santa Maria della Pomposa (Pomposa’s Santa Maria’s Church)Palazzo Ducale e Giardino Ducale (Ducal Palace&Garden)Mercato Albinelli (Albinelli Market)Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti (Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theatre)Teatro Storchi (Storchi Theatre)…ok ok…Translations are HORRIBLE but if you’re coming here you can learn the right names even in Modena’s dialect!
We have a lot of other nice places to visit around Modena, such as the Ferrari Museum, Vignola City, trips to the Hills and much more. Modena is also in a strategic location in Northern Italy and from here you can easily reach Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona, Parma and Bologna… You can go almost everywhere you want!
Of course in Modena you'll not find something like the Louvre or the National Gallery or whatever...but anyway we have some nice museums, that you can visit in the few rainy days (hoping that they will be few for real!).
Civic MuseumCathedral MuseumAnatomy MuseumZoology and Compared Anatomy MuseumCigarette Card MuseumFerrari Museum (outside Modena, in Maranello of course!)...and these are only the most important!
From 17th 'till 19th of September in Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo you can be part of the Philosophy Festival. Some more information at the link: