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The Italian Republic is a country located in Southern Europe; Italy's capital, Rome, for centuries was the political center of Western civilization, as the capital of the Roman Empire. Centuries later, Italy would become the birthplace of the Renaissance, an immensely fruitful intellectual movement that would prove to be integral in shaping the course of European thought. Modern Italy is a democratic republic, and is a founding member of the European Union.

The city of Ferrara is located in Emilia- Romagna region, in the northern Italy. City of the Renaissance, for its beauty and cultural importance has been listed since 1995 on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The town has broad streets and several palaces dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, when it hosted the court of the House of Este. Is it also on the main rail line from Bologna to Padua and Venice. If you are interested in getting some other informations, this is the website:

The Italian Railways are one of the most important infrastructure in the country: Italy has a vastly developed railroad system, with also high speed trains to reach the main cities of the country (like Milano, Torino, Bologna, Firenze, Roma, Napoli). Many of the bigger cities have also an Underground train system, and all cities have Bus and Taxi services. You can easily find and buy the train tickets here:

About the University
The University of Ferrara, one of Italy’s oldest universities, was founded in 1391 and has welcomed and educated illustrious personalities from the worlds of culture, the Arts and Science, such as Nicholas Copernicus and Paracelsus. In terms of its size, facilities and the quality and quantity of education and research, the university is a point of excellence within Italy. This is also demonstrated by its excellent position in international rankings. You can find other informations here:

About the Hospital

Hospital's name: "Arcispedale Sant'Anna" Address: via Aldo Moro 8- 44124 Cona, Ferrara (FE) Italy Number of hospital beds: 626 (+85 Day hospital) Departments: (You can find the list here) Bus is necessary to reach the hospital, as it's located 10 km far from the city center. Use this useful map to find a department, use this link
Assessment of severity inflammation in asthma
Involvment of Growth Factors
Multidisciplinary Integration of Morfo-Structural and Functional Imaging to Study the Pathophysiology of Main Organs and Apparatus

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How to get here?
You can easily reach Ferrara from the main airports of nothern Italy.

From Bologna - G. Marconi Airport
Distance from Ferrara: 52 km
You have two different options:
1) BUS&FLY Shuttle to FERRARA, 60 min. journey, daily scheduled departures
every 2 h 30'. It costs 15€. Other informations here:
2) Shuttle bus every 20 minutes to Bologna Centrale railway station, and from
there, there are some direct trains to Ferrara every hour. They costs 4,60€. 

From Venice - Marco Polo Airport
Distance from Ferrara: 120 km
Shuttle bus every 20 minutes to Venezia Mestre railway station, and from there
there are some direct trains to Ferrara every hour. The journey takes about
(excluding shuttle bus)1 hour 30 minutes.

From Verona - Valerio Catullo Airport
Distance from Ferrara: 100 km
Shuttle bus every 20 minutes to Verona railway station, and from there there
are some trains to Ferrara (changing at Padova). The journey takes about
(excluding shuttle bus) 2 hours 15 minutes.
In Ferrara, mostly during the summer, there a lot of things to do!
The wheather is awesome, very hot! The beach is very near, about 40 minutes by car or bus. There are several clubs and street bars, you can dance and drink all night long (well...almost)
Also in the city you can enjoy your time, there are bars everywhere that stay open since 1 or 2 AM, and on the edge of the city there are some clubs play housemusic and electronic. they are well linked by pubblic transport.

The most iconic building of the town is the imponent Castello Estense sited in the very center of the town, it's a brick building surrounded by a moat, with four massive bastions. It was built starting in 1385 and partly restored in 1554; the pavilions on the top of the towers date from the latter year.
Castello Estense Lateral viewCastello Estense at new year's eve
check out the official web site for more useful information (history,tickets,virtual tour etc etc..)
Ferrara's walls,Lateral view
Ferrara's walls,Lateral viewand Over the walls
and Over the wallsThe town is still surrounded by more than 9 kilometres of ancient walls, mainly built in the 15th and 16th centuries , and get that : it's the second BEST PRESERVED Renaissance walls in Italy.In addition of being a beautiful an historical structure,the walls are also used as an extremely magnificent platform for jogging,so for those who would like to burn the extra fat consumed by eating pizza and gelato everyday , we highly recomend to bring your running shoes .
Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio
Basilica Cattedrale di San GiorgioFerrara Cathedral (Italian: Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio) is the largest religious edifice in the city. It is dedicated to Saint George, the patron saint of Ferrara.It is located in the city centre, 500 meters from the famous Castello Estense and is connected to the Archbishop's Palace by a covered passage. The basilica was begun in 12th century and consecrated in 1135
Palazzo dei Diamanti
Palazzo dei DiamantiAmong the finest palaces is Palazzo dei Diamanti(Diamond Palace), named after the diamond points into which the facade's stone blocks are cut. The palazzo houses the National Picture Gallery, where exhibitions of international importance are urban legend said that in one of the diamond points of the palace is hiding a real diamond ! (yeah...right!)
Other sites include:
Piazza AriosteaThe Communal TheatreThe church of Santa Maria in VadoThe Certosa