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Student hostel - Student flat - Dormitory
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Erbil is most ancient city down the history. Man first settled in Erbil in the form of an agricultural village (6000) years B.C. It's common known among historians that Erbil dates back to(2500) B.C. It is full of underground water. Since enemies were not capable of ruining these water sources, people were able to always live in the city of Erbil.

Now the name of this city is ( Hawler) or (Erbil). However, the root of this name dates back to the most ancient origin which is the records of Third Ur Kings (2112-2004) B.C. referred to as ( Erbaillo) meaning (four Gods). In Brief, Erbil passed through the periods below:

Sumerian Period , Assyrian Period , Persian Period , Perthian Period , Sassanian Period


Emergency Hospital / Eastern (Rojhalat)

-Rizgari (Teaching) Hospital

  • Public Specialty: General Surgery and Medical Center 

Emergency Hospital – Western (Rojawa)

  • Public Specialty: Medical, Surgery, Trauma, and Burn Center

Emergency Hospital

  • Public Specialty: Trauma Center
- Student hostel
- Student flat
- Hospital
Student hostel
- Student flat
- Dormitory
we depend on Taxis, buses for local and national transportation. taxis and buses are cheap and available.

Each local committee has its own amazing social program :) But generally I can give some clues regarding them ;)

-There are many ancient and awesome places in each LC, so one of the social programs will be visiting those places to know more about Kurdistan and what and how the cities really were :)-Also visiting the museums in the region .

-One of the amazing social programs will be enjoying one complete day in one of the awesome and amazing parks in the city, and having fun with some of IFMSA-Kurdistan members and showing each others culture and even eating each others food :) it will be frankly Amazing :):):)

-There lots and lots of awesome social programs for you, but we do not want to share all of them now :)


You can wonder around through Erbil and there is lots and lots of things to do there,

Ancient Archaeological sites in Hawler (Erbil) , there is about (636) ancient archaeological sites.

The most important are as below:

1- Erbil Castle (Citadel) : It lies in the middle of Erbil on which the city has been established for centuries. The castle cuniform historical texts date back to the remains or Assyrian. Erbil Castle was surrounded by walls in the Atabegian Period (1102-1210) B.C. Its area is (60000m), (45m) high and its diameter is (364m).

2- Choly Minaret ( Al- Mudhafferiya Minaret): It locates to the west of Erbil which was originally a mosque. Its name is after (Mudhaffer Al- Deen Kokberi). It's (37) m high and dates back to (1123-1163 A.D.).

Also you can always visit the great Mosques whether the old or new ones and admire the architecture of some of the biggest Mosques in the middle east, as well as the new and old Churches present in the city which are always open and honorable to have any guests.

Going into resorts and enjoying fresh air with cold water is something everybody likes, and I guarantee you there are lots of resorts in Erbil. Some might be old but the beautiful nature and amazing view can compensate that. Some of the most famous resorts are listed below but if you ask the locals of the city I’m sure they count much more !!

1. Bekhal It is located 10km to the west of the west of Rawanduz City, and 135km from Erbil. It can be reached through two ways, either from Rawanduz or from Geli Ali Beg.

Maximum temperatures there reach 32C in summer. In the resort there is a waterfall that flows between the rocks from very high, in addition to many restaurants and popular tourism cafes visited by large numbers of tourists from early spring until the end of fall.

2. Shaqlawa

A famous resort in Iraqi Kurdistan, situated to the north verdant of sefin Mountain, 966m high from the sea level. It has been visited by tourists since old times because it is a touristic city par excellence and a large part of its citizens make their living from the sector of tourism. It is 51km from Erbil, and the road between them is in good state. It is temperature in summer reaches 30-35C and 10C below in winter. It is rich in trees and gardens. They sell a lot of local products and crops, namely, the fruits that grow in Shaqlawa's gardens and the neighboring grow regions. It is a typical resort in terms of availability of touristic places and various services; it is probably the ideal tourism city in all Iraq.

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, motels, and resorts are numerous in Shaqlawa.

3. Gali Ali Bag Waterfalls

Hailed as the highest waterfall in the Middle East, Gali Ali Bag, a dusty but beautiful three-hour drive from Erbil, is a mountain resort located on the intersection of two mountain ranges – the Korek chain in the north and the Bradost chain in the west – and two rivers, the Rawandoz Sidakan and the Khalifan.

The breathtaking scenery around the waterfalls has long since assured the site’s popularity as a picnic spot, and the resort today - complete with a waterside souk and its host of terrace cafes and eateries - offers a warm, authentic welcome.

4. Khanzad Hotel & Resort

Sister-ship to the Erbil International Hotel, the celebrated Khanzad Resort and Hotel, is most renowned for its breath-taking setting in the rolling, sun-kissed mountains, overlooking the undulating landscapes of Bastora, 15km north of Erbil.

Set in acres of mountainside parkland, the Khanzad – an architectural chef d’oeuvre built in recent years – offers a more peaceful, luxurious backdrop from which to discover the magic of this ancient city and fascinating region.

Boasting an extensive outdoor swimming pool, international restaurants and a well-stocked bar, the facilities of the Khanzad are second to none.

As with the Erbil International, the same level of highly professional staff are on hand 24-hours to ensure that your stay at the hotel is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you’re looking for original 5-star accommodation away from the bustle of the city, the Khanzad is most definitely for you.