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Wuerzburg LEO

Würzburg is a middle-seized city located in Nothern Bavaria. There are about 130,000 inhabitants including 30,000 students keeping this town young and energetic.

The river Main flowing through, the wineyards and hills around and many green spots in Würzburg make it a cosy and beautiful town to live in. Also lovable: the warm and sunny weather! There are few other regions in Germany having a climate like this! And still we usually also get lots of snow in winter.

Unfortunately during World War II 95% of Würzburg have been destroyed by bombs. Therefore many historical buildings as those in near cities such as Nürnberg (Nuremberg) and Regensburg (Ratisborn) got lost and could not be rebuilt. Still, with the beautiful Residenz (a part of the UNESCO World Heritage), the Fortress Marienberg and many fascinating churches Würzburg has a great inner city to feel the culture.

All in all especially for young people Würzburg is very attractive because of its free-time activities, pubs, Biergärten, clubs and events such as local wine festivals and the famous Africa-Festival.

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Twelve reasons to come to Würzburg

  1. The atmosphere: with 30,000 students out of 130,000 residents, Würzburg stays young and dynamic.
  2. The weather: Würzburg is one of the warmest and sunniest cities in Germany – it's not for nothing that the winegrowing has been a blooming tradition for ages!
  3. The leisure activities: whether you are chilling in a café, watching a play at the theatre, having barbecue on the Main, go jogging in the vineyards, attending a festival, dancing in a club – in Würzburg boredom is a foreign word!
  4. The university hospital: with a history of over 400 years, Würzburg's university hospital is one of the oldest in Germany. Graceful historical buildings and much green space next to modern facilities and high technology make it an area to learn, experience, and feel comfortable.
  5. The sports facilities: have a bike tour along the river, join the annual marathon, go jogging through the fields, enjoy swimming in one of the many swimming baths (or even in the Main river if you like to!), play beach volleyball on the campus or join one of the many slackliners ... There's no shortage of fun activities!
  6. The location: Being located near the centre of Germany, with a good train connection you can get to many nice German places from Würzburg very easily.
  7. The culture: it's not only the beautiful Würzburger Residenz (a part of the UNESCO World Heritage) or the Fortress Marienberg that make Würzburg's culture so unique, but also the churches, theatres, choirs, orchestras, museums, concerts and festivals!
  8. The size: being both not too big and not too small with about 130,000 inhabitants on around 90 km2 Würzburg is a city where you can go by bike everywhere and always meet a friend in the inner-city.
  9. The nature: the Main, a big park going around Würzburg's historic district, vineyards and hills all around – Würzburg without its nature wouldn't be Würzburg!
  10. The people: Nobel laureate Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, architect Balthasar Neumann and basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki – these are only a few examples of how amazing Würzburg's people can be!
  11. The food: Some local wine and a plate full of "Käsespätzle" – time to enjoy!
  12. Our LEO-group: We will be there for you, we will organise for you, we will have fun with you – our energetic and cheerful team just can't wait for you to come!
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The accommodations

Of course for your visit we will organise a nice place for you to stay and call your home. There a three different types of accommodations:

1. Student dormitories

The university is offering different student hostels which differ from each other. In some you have an apartment with bathroom and cooking facilities on your own. In others you share your flat with two other students – each one having his/her own room of course.Student dormitories give a great possibility to get to know other students from Germany and all around the world. Furthermore special tutors regularly organise barbecues, game or film nights and parties.

2. Shared flats

In Germany it is quite common that two to five (or even more) students share a big flat. Often women and men live together in those communities. This is a way to save money, be more independent than you are in student dormitories and to have more fun than when living alone. If you stay in such a flat, you will have the unique possibility to experience the everyday life of German students and by being part of it!

3. Single apartment

From time to time we place our incomings in single apartments. There you have a calm and private surrounding just for yourself.

The kind of accommodation always depends on what possibilities our local group currently have.


Coming to Würzburg

Würzburg can be easily reached by train. If you are travelling by plane you should fly to the Frankfurt Airport and take the intercity train (ICE) directly going to Würzburg Hbf (90 minutes).

For more information about travelling around Germany by train see:

In Würzburg there is a great network of buses and trams that can take you to (almost) all places. Another popular way to get around is to go by bike. Of course we will find a way to organise one for you!


Enjoy our social program!

Of course we would love to get to know you, your history and culture as much as showing you our home and traditions. Therefore we provide many social activities you can join – such as sightseeing tours or trips to other cities, national food parties, wine tastings, film evenings, bike tours and many more. Let's have a great time!

Get to know our team!

To our local exchange team belong about ten medical students of different years and different characters who can't wait to get to know you.


Five sights you should not miss: 1. The Würzburger Residenz (residence)

The Residenz is a baroque castle that was built in the 18th century. For years it has already been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.Have a tour around the building, see the biggest unsplit fresco worldwide and relax in the beautiful garden right behind!

2. The Fortress Marienberg

This medieval castle overlooking Würzburg always is worth a visit – whether to see the museum or just to hang out with friends, having a wine and looking down at the city.

3. The Alte Mainbrücke (Old Main Bridge)

This beautiful bridge is one of Würzburg's great landmarks. In former times there stood Germany's first stone bridge at its position. The characteristic 4.5m big statues of saints you can admire today were positioned there in the early 18th century.

4. The Dome St.Kilian

See our beautiful cathedral that was finished in the 13th century!

5. Churches, churches, churches

There are many many other holy buildings that embellish Würzburg's inner city, such as the Marienkapelle, Stift Haug, Neumünster, ... You cannot miss them!

For more information see:

Beside the sights there are plenty of other cultural events you could join:

  • enjoy a play in one of the many theatres
  • listen to live Jazz, Blues, Latin or Folk music in the Omnibus
  • visit a museum (e.g. changing art galleries, Franconian handcrafts, Jewish museum, Fortress Marienberg)
  • enjoy a glass at a wine festival in summer
  • see the famous Africa festival in June with music, arts and African food
  • rock all the different music festivals
  • have a ride on a carrousel at one of the yearly fairs

Würzburg at night

Würzburg's nightlife is dynamic, versatile and wild. There is a cool place for every type of person: Maybe you would like to just hang out, have a beer and maybe (on Tuesdays) do some karaoke in the bar Till Eulenspiegel, or you prefer a delicious cocktail in the Escobar. A typical place to meet students, drink beer and dance is the cosy Brauhaus (brewhouse). You could even dance right above the Main – on our club on a boat (the Boot). Or you party with other students in the incomparable Zauberberg or the fancy Studio or ODEON. Yet for the metal and hard rock fans among you we have a club to have fun at: The Labyrinth. To see bands, contest and other live acts just visit the Posthalle. Last but not least in the beginning of each semester (April and October) there are some parties in the huge students' canteens – the best ones ever!!!

For more information see: (German)

How expensive is Würzburg?

Würzburg does not belong to the most expensive cities in Germany. Here is a short list of costs you might have – just to give you an overview:

  • a delicious Brezel: 0,5€
  • lunch in a students' canteen: 2-3€
  • bus ticket for a week: 10€ (please note that you might not even need this!)
  • cinema (not 3D): 6€
  • club entrance: 0-6€
  • small beer in a club: 2-3€

Travel around - see Germany!

With its central location Würzburg is a great point to start trips to other German cities. You could visit near beautiful towns such as:

  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg; 100km) – a city not only being worth a visit because of its famous Christmas market in December
  • Bamberg (100km) with the biggest preserved historical city centre in Germany (even being part of the UNESCO World Heritage)
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber (60km) which is internationally known for its medieval city centre and the whole-year-open Christmas shop.

Also wonderful places to go for a day or weekend trip are:

  • Berlin (500km), our fascinating capital
  • Frankfurt/Main (120km) with Germany's most famous skyline
  • München (Munich; 300km), a vibrant metropolis between history and modernity (and of course the Oktoberfest (Munich Beer Festival) :)

What do Würzburg's (exchange) students think about this town?

  • Würzburg is full of kind and helpful people who are always willing to help a stranger. A vibrant, dynamic city, Würzburg has a great mix of scenic landscape and gothic architecture with youthful, modern nightlife.
  • Würzburg is the combination of all this: culture, atmosphere and students city
  • Würzburg a place to study, a town to live, a city to love.
  • Würzburg – Where the sun (almost) always shines and boredom a foreign word is!
  • I love to study in Würzburg because of the nice city centre with the biggest pedestrian area I can think of, the great people, the hill area, the famous university and much more.
  • In Würzburg, there is a little bit of everything and nothing is missing!

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