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Regensburg LEO

Welcome to Regensburg!

Regensburg... a city, located in the northeast of Bavaria, in the south of Germany. the capital of the Bavarian administrative region Upper Palatinate and after Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Wuerzburg the fifth biggest city of Bavaria. one of the oldest cities in Germany (in 179 AD the camp of a Roman legion Castra Regina was built). situated on the northernmost part of the Danube river.

...has a population of about 150.000 inhabitants.


Our biggest and newest hospital is the University Hospital Regensburg: [1].

Usually we try to find a place for you in one of our smaller teaching hospitals in town, as they offer a free meal a day. So you will probably be placed in one of the following hospitals:

  • Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder & Hedwigsklinik: [2]
  • Caritas-Krankenhaus St. Joseph: [3]
  • Evangelisches Krankenhaus: [4]

Without any German language skills it's best to work on surgical departments! Especially for the following departments you need quite good German language skills:

  • internal medicine
  • intensive /critical care
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry
We of course try to place you in your desired department!
Unfortunately we don´t offer any research projects yet.
Boarding money, moreover free meals are offered at most hospitals.

On the one hand you could be accommodated in the Don Bosco Center, which is a youth center 10 minutes by foot from the Old Town. Each student has its own room, but you will probably share the bathroom and the kitchen with some other exchange students. You don´t need sheets, but please take towels with you.

On the other hand you could be staying at Haus Hemma, which is a youth center for femals also about 10 minutes by foot from the city center. Again you´ll probably share the bathroom and the kitchen with other students. For Haus Hemma you need to bring your own towels as well.

If you like, you can bring your portable computer with you. It might be possible to use internet in the youth center, if not, we will show you a PC Pool at the university.

For further information look at: (unfortunately this website is only available in German) and


Within Regensburg

The best way to get around in Regensburg is by bus or by walking.

We recommend you to buy a ticket for one month which is 31,00 € for students (please don´t forget your student ID!).
We can also help to organize a bike.

Around Regensburg

Regensburg is the ideal base for many trips, even to foreign countries. If you want to go there, we can help you to buy the ticket and maybe (if we have time) some of us LEOs like to accompany you. The best way to get around is Flixbus or train.


We try to offer a social program twice a week. We can show you the city, go together to a Bavarian „beer-garden“, organise cooking-events (if you cook something from your country for us, we cook a German speciality for you...), go out at night and a lot more.

During wintertime it's very funny to go skiing or ice-skating (equipment can be lent). In summer we try to organise for example a bike-tour to the Walhalla temple [13] or a “Picknick” .

Normally we have at least two incomings, so you will have the opportunity to discover Regensburg together.


If you want to make a trip for just one day, Munich [5] will be a good possibility. There is always a lot to see and discover in the capital city of Bavaria (and the third largest city in Germany, by the way). You could go to the „Hofbräuhaus“ [6] and drink a beer, visit some museums, enjoy a day in the „English garden" [7] – a nice park - go shopping or do much more. For soccer-fans it is possible to visit the „Allianz arena“ [8]
It's just 1,5 h by train or bus. The last train leaves Munich at half past 12 p.m. – so you can really spend a whole day there.

Other German cities next to Regensburg are Passau [9] (at the border to Austria) and Nuremberg [10]. To get there takes about 1-2 hours by train, so it's perfect for a one-day-trip.

Visiting nearly every other German city is possible for a weekend-trip – but going by train can be quite expensive (but there are sometimes cheap tickets available online), so a good alternative is Flixbus. If you want to go there, we can try to contact the LEOs from your chosen city and maybe they have time to show you something, or you can meet other incomings.


International Flaire

We recommend to spend a weekend in Prague [11]. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. It's called “the golden city” or "the mother of cities" and famous for its wonderful historic buildings.

It takes about 5 hours by train to get there and there is a special „Prague-ticket“ that only costs 42€ as a return ticket. Lodging in one of the many hostels is also quite cheap.

Another interesting city is Salzburg [12] in Austria. Mozart's birth town offers a nice castle, tasting the typical Austrian cake „Sacher Torte“ and a perfect view to the mountains. Getting there for one day is also quite cheap and takes about 4 hours by train

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