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Magdeburg LEO
Magdeburg is the capital of the Bundesland Saxony Anhalt which is located in the centre of Germany. It belongs to the former Eastern part of Germany. The city lies on the river Elbe and is located right in the middle between Berlin and Hannover. There are about 230,000 habitants living in Magdeburg including 17,500 students. The first Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great chose Magdeburg as his major palitanate. The other great son of Magdeburg was Otto von Guericke - a famous scientist and former mayor - after whom the University was named.

The university hospital is located in the south of the city.

The medical department belongs to the Otto-von-Guericke Universität. Our campus is located in the southern part of Magdeburg where you can find all the clinics, lecture halls, the medical library and the cafeteria. The faculty was founded in 1954 and is one of the youngest in Germany.

There are currently about 1,000 medical students enrolled in Magdeburg. Research focusses on neurosciences and immunology. 

You will find further information on the website: 

Other Hospitals in Magdeburg are: 

  • Pfeiffersche Stiftungen
  • St.Marienstift
  • Klinikum Magdeburg (Olvenstedt)
During your stay, you will be provided with 50€ for boarding each week.
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Magdeburg is a small city in which you can easily get around by foot, bicycle and public transport. We can provide you with a bicycle for the duration of your stay. For the bicycle we collect 25€ as a deposit, from which you will get back 20€ when returning the bike, the rest is for maintenance. You can also purchase a monthly ticket for the public transport at a student's price.

As a regular meetup with our incomings, we usually organise an international cooking night once a week, where every week the incomings of another country are asked to cook something countryspecific.As hosts, we usually start with German food, so you will definitely get to know some German dishes during your stay.

We also have certain amount of money available for the social program, e.g. to go to other cities, like Berlin,Dresden or Hamburg, to visit sights and the like. If you tell us which places you would like to visit, we can arrange trips with the other incomings, but you can travel on your own as well of course. 

  • Magdeburg
    • Magdeburger Dom (Cathedral of Magdeburg)
    • Hasselbachplatz
    • Grüne Zitadelle / Hundertwasserhaus
    • Rotehornpark
    • Elbauenpark and Jahrtausendturm
    • Kloster unser lieben Frauen
    • Johanneskirche
  • Magdeburg is about 150 km away from Berlin, the German capital city and Hannover.
  • The Harz mountains are only an hour away by train and you may visit the famous Brocken and the Witches Dance Place in Thale. There are many myths around these places that you might discover.
  • Potsdam, near Berlin, is one of the most beautiful prussian cities where you may visit the famous castle Sanssouci from Friedrich the Great
We can offer you a mobile phone with a German SIM card for the duration of your stay. This way, communication with our local exchange team and other incomings is facilitated. The deposit for the phone is 5€ and the prepaid card can be recharged with the following values: 15€, 20€, 30€