Germany (BVMD) - Luebeck
upon request
available months depend on local disposability
1 time per day at the hospital
We provide single rooms, we try to find shared student flats with German students, but that's not always possible.
Luebeck LEO

Welcome to Lübeck, the "Queen of the Hanse" and the "Gate to the North"!

Lübeck has about 215000 inhabitants; about 3700 are students at our university.


The hospital exists since 1912. Now most departments are located inside the newer central building called Zentralklinikum but some specialities are located in cute smaller buildings all over the campus.

Working Conditions

Depending on the department, work starts between 7 and 8 a.m. You will probably be expected to stay until about 4 p.m.

If you need to bring anything specific, we will let you know. Bring your own stethoscope, this cannot be provided by the university, You might have to bring your own white coat for example, but that varies from department to department.

You will be able to eat at the hospital's cafeterias or the bakery.

In german hospitals, there is not such a strict dresscode as in England, just dress professionally (closed shoes, no short pants,...)!

Unfortunately, we can't offer any research projects at the moment. But check up for news as we try to organize some in the future!
we provide boarding money

For incomings, we try to arrange a nice room in a flat share, so you have always someone to ask (besides us), if you have questions or problems. The rooms are always fully furnitured, the kitchens of the flats well equipped. The flat shares are not always single-sex, if that's a problem, please contact us as early as possible!


Within Lübeck

Getting around in Lübeck is quite relaxed and really easy: you can reach nearly everything by bike, the city center itself may easily discovered walking. We provide bikes for incomings. Our public transport network, the Stadtverkehr, is well-arranged and its buses can bring you even into the outskirts of Luebeck.

To the beach, Travemünde, the best and fastest way is to take the train, but there are also buses ensuring that you can jump into the sea anytime you want!

Around Lübeck

Lübeck is not a big city. If you are interested in experiencing some "urban jungle", it is not far from Lübeck to Berlin or Hamburg.

You can reach Hamburg by train in 40 minutes so it's always great for a one-day-trip. Hamburg has a wonderful city center (great for shopping!), a huge harbour, musical theaters, the famous Reperbahn with its clubs, bars and the red light district. And lots more to see!

Germany's capital Berlin is close enough for an exciting weekend trip. Do we need to say anything about Berlin? Sights, sights, sights, shopping, nightlife, culture,... It's just Berlin and a MUST for every traveller in Germany!

Furthermore, along the coast of the Baltic Sea, there are a couple of beautiful smaller cities which are also worth visiting: e.g. Kiel, Rostock and Greifswald.

In fact, even the european metropoles aren't a round-the-world trip away: the fast-train to Copenhagen takes 4h and Ryanair flies from Luebeck-Airport to StockholmLondon and many other cities.

You see, there are plenty of possibilities!

In Luebeck there is loads you can do. We like having barbecues, cooking together, having a tour with a canoe along one of our beautiful rivers, doing tours by bike... There is a theme park close by as well as the beach. If you know some German you might be interested in seeing the "Kar-May-Spiele" in Bad Segeberg. In December we have a very popular Christmas market... For further information send us an e-mail please :)

Lübeck is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Germany! It was the first Old Town in the Federal Republic of Germany to be officially designated a cultural heritage sign. The city center is located on an island, the Altstadtinsel, which is surrounded by the river Trave and a channel. This island contains many brick Gothic buildings and churches, quite a lot of them even from the 13th century. The towers of the seven churches have dominated the city skyline ever since the Middle Ages. Lübeck was a member of the Hanseatic League, a powerful medieval trading association. As witnessed by the monumental Holstentor (Holsten gate), an ancient town gate. It is now the symbol of the city.

In addition most bars and clubs are located on the Island, which is where you will find young people in the evenings.

When the sun is shining, Lübeck is without a doubt a great place to hang around with its masses of cafés, the beach and the ocean, the rivers Trave and Wakenitz, the parks,... What prevents you of just coming and trying out our lifestyle?

If you want to take back something special from Lübeck it should be Marzipan. It is a sweet delicacy made out of almond and sugar.

Travemünde is the part of Lübeck that is located directly at the coast of the Baltic Sea. That means, if the weather allows, we are at the beach in 20 minutes by train


Just be interested and open!

Knowledge of German would be great, but is not a must - the doctors usually speak english. But keep in mind: the patients and nurses do not always know english, so we advise you to choose subjects like anaestesiology, pathology or microbiology if you don't know one german word but "Bier"!