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Maybe Kiel is not very well known around the world – except among sailors – but it is really worth a visit! The city has about 240,000 inhabitants and is the largest city and capital of Germany’s northernmost federal state Schleswig-Holstein. For your orientation: the next big city is Hamburg, about 90 km south of us.

Kiel is located around the Kiel Fjord, an outlet of the Baltic Sea, which extends into the heart of the city. The University Hospital is next to the shore. From there it is only a few steps to the harbor, where you can watch big ferries and cruise ships departing to Sweden, Norway or other countries around the Baltic Sea. You will be constantly reminded of living and working or studying close to the sea when you hear the screaming of sea gulls or the blowing of ship horns.

The city was completely destroyed during World War II since Kiel was the major military base of the German Navy. It was then rebuilt but there are still quite a number of beautiful and ancient areas – you just need to keep your eyes open and look out for them. In Kiel everything is easily accessible by bike.

Most of our exchange students will be placed in our University Hospital. The University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein is one of the largest European centers for medical care. The University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein has two campuses - one in Kiel and one in Lübeck, which is about 80 kilometers from Kiel. Every branch of Medicine is represented at both places. Our campus in Kiel has an own building for every department. So you will have to do quite a bit of walking on the campus. If you feel like it you can enjoy an ice cream and sit in the sun but if it’s too cold you can try a shortcut through the buildings. The university hospital is currently under reconstruction: The aim is to centralize all departments into a central building, build a new students' medical campus and new research facilities - all this will take probably until 2022 and with completely maintained medical and educational supply!
More information about the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine can be found here: or

Unfortunately there are no research projects at the moment. We are working on it!
We provide you with boarding money.

Usually you will find accomodation close to the hospital. In Kiel it is usual that our Incomings are placed in students flats or private accomodations. Your host will not necessarily be a medical student. Also, there are other dormitories for students close by. The Christian Albrechts University, which was founded in 1665, is also not very far away. There you will also find sports facilities and a canteen.


Within Kiel

You will find many ideas at this page:
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Around Kiel

Take a trip to Hamburg, Laboe, Lübeck, Eckernförde or one of the other beautiful cities around Kiel. We can help you with bookings or accompany you.

Some useful links: (German rail company) (coach travels)

The Kiel LC will really care about you. We go with you to the beaches nearby, to Hamburg, Lübeck, explore the bars/clubs of Kiel with you, have a picknick in the park, and a lot more. Also, we always try to organize some professional training, such as sonography courses or a course about the habits in german hospitals ("Upon Arrival Training").

Every June Kiel hosts the huge sailing event “Kieler Woche” (Kiel Week). Sailors from all over the world get together and compete in various disciplines against each other. Especially the second Saturday is an important date for sailing fans. The so called “Windjammerparade” takes place. Hundreds of sailing boats leave the harbor at the same time and the scenery is comparable to a scene in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Moreover, the “Kieler Woche” is also a great festival. About 3 million visitors walk along the promenade of Kiel, enjoy the diverse cultural events and celebrate at many music stages until late at night. More information can be found here:

Kiel also has many beaches. You can either take a bus or ferry and stay on the western side of the water or cross to the eastern side to visit Laboe with its famous submarine and cenotaph with a great view over the town and the sea. The water might be a little bit chilly – only when you are brave you will enjoy swimming :-)


We will pick you up from the station when you arrive in Kiel. If you fly to Hamburg, the best and cheapest way to get here is taking the Kielius bus ( There is also a Flixbus between Hamburg Airport and Kiel which might be cheaper sometimes.

On your first day of the internship we will accompany you to your ward and introduce you to the person in charge. Please bring a white coat and a stethoscope. Remember that – depending on the ward you go to - it will be necessary that you can speak reasonable German. A normal day for a student in a German hospital usually starts around 7 to 8 am and ends around 4 to 5 pm. Depending on your interests we can show you around Kiel during the week and for the weekends we can arrange trips to Hamburg or Lübeck or organize a day at the beach. If you have any questions in advance – don’t be afraid to contact us.