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residence hall
Homburg LEO

Homburg is a small town of 40.000 in Saarland, a federal state in the west of Germany. It is located between the foothills of the Palatine forest in the east and the biosphere reserve Bliesgau in the west and has a charming rural atmosphere. The clinic with over 100 buildings can be found on the university campus south of the city center. Admitteldy, Homburg is not one of the best known places in Germany but still it has major advantages you should consider while choosing a location for our exchange to Germany

First of all, Homburg has due to it‘s size, a very familial atmosphere. There are about 2000 students in Homburg, most of them are medical students and a good deal of them are students from foreign countries all over the world. It is very easy to make friends here and get to know many other students from Germany and other countries. The student culture is marked by strong coherence and mutual help and support. Professors and teaching staff usually enjoy the presence of foreign guests and do their best to make them feel welcome.

Also - as our dean usually says - Homburg lies in the heart of Europe. Many amazing cities are very close and easy to reach via train or bus. Saarbrücken, Saarlouis, Mannheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt are just a few examples of cities you can reach within less than two hours. Apart from that, the border to France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands are not far away. So for example a trip to Paris will only take you about two and a half hours by train and it's also rather cheap. If you want to travel further, you can easily go by plane. You'll find a lot of cheap flights from airports nearby (Saarbrücken, Zweibrücken, Frankfurt/Main and so on).

Plus, the rural location of Homburg gives you the chance to enjoy the nature of the Palatine forest and the biosphere reserve of Bliesgau. If you like mountain biking or jogging, you won't get tired of the area.

There's always quite a few foreign students in Homburg and even more in close by Saarbrücken - all forming a very strong and enjoyable community. Our newly formed team of local exchange officers will be more than happy to welcome you in Homburg for an amazing exchange in the heart of Europe!

Usually you will find an elective placement with the University Hospital in Homburg/Saar. You can find out more about specialties, research and so forth on the clinic's website ( However, we can also find you a placement with local private practices or e.g. in the Winterberg-Clinic in Saarbrücken ( or others such as the pediatric clinic Neunkirchen.
Please contact us directly if you have specific interests so we can talk to our professors and try to find the right option for you. You can also find out about the various departments on and
We provide you with boarding money from bvmd Germany

We can accommodate you in residence halls very close to the university campus (about 15 minutes by foot, 3 minutes by bus). Accomodation in flat shares also is possible.

There's no need to bring bedclothes or towels with you to Germany, we will provide those for you!

In Homburg, usually every destination can be reached easily by foot or bike. If desired, bycicles can be provided by the local team. Also, the bus connections within Homburg are good, reliable and not too expensive.

To go beyond Homburg, we recommend taking the train. Homburg has a fairly big train station with frequent train connections to Saarbrücken, Mannheim and other cities. The german railway company Deutsche Bahn is reliable and will enable you to travel the whole of Germany.

We have established a brand new and highly motivated team to make sure you‘ll have a great summer here in Homburg. Apart from local activities like BBQing, getting-to-know-dinners, bycicle tours, hiking, movie nights, lasertag and barhopping, we also offer weekend trips, for example to the ‘Europa Park‘, the most popular themepark in Germany.

Our social programme is always in progress. If you have ideas or suggestions as to what we could add to our range of social activities, don‘t hesitate to contact our local team! Also, we‘ll gladly help realize your plans for your stay here with us.


Within Homburg

Homburg itself has a few enjoyable sights: There are the ruins of an old castle on top of a small mountain in the middle of the city. It has a beautiful view over Homburg and also it‘s a great place to BBQ or have a picknick. Underneath the ruins, you can visit red sandstone caves, which are beautifully lit with coloured lights (free of cost).

If you‘re interested in the german tradition of brewing beer, you can visit the Karlsberg brewery in Homburg. Maybe you can even catch a beer tasting.

If you‘re into climbing, you might want to check out the adventure park in Homburg/Jägersburg. It has eight parcours of varying levels of difficulty and can be a lot of fun. You should plan to spend about four hours there. For groups of ten or more people it is recommended to make a reservation.

Around Homburg

The train connections are pretty good and also there is a bus shuttle that will take you to Saarbrücken with little effort. Saarbrücken is the closest most interesting city. It should take about 30-45 minutes to get there. While the medical faculty is in Homburg, most of the other faculties are placed in Saarbrücken, so there are also many foreign and local students there. Meet up with them on a warm summer's afternoon and go have a drink at the Saarwiesen - this is where everybody goes to relax, BBQ and play music. You can find almost everything you need in Saarbrücken. There are all sorts of sport activities or courses available there. The city has about 250.000 inhabitants and is very charming.

You can also go to Saarlouis by train. The city is especially well liked on warm summer nights. The old roman town of Trier and the city of Luxembourg are not far off either. You can tour France as well, highly recommendable are Strasbourg and Paris. You can plan a lot of city tours for your weekends. Some suggestions: Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim…