Germany (BVMD) - Hannover
Anesthesiology, Surgery, Intensive Care, Dermatology, Urology, Radiology, Gynecology, Neurology
available months depend on local disposability
you get pocket money to eat at the hospital's canteen
Student Hostel, Student flatshare
upon request
Hannover LEO
Welcome to Hannover, the capital of lower saxony, in the northern-middle of Germany! :-)
We guess, you won't have heard that much about our green and open-minded city so far, so here's some information why it's worth to think about spending your SCOPE/SCORE-exchange here:
  • we have one of Europe's biggest cityforest areas and a lot of green spaces all around - so relaxing outside,
    going for a walk or a run, riding the bicycle is definetly not a problem here
  • nevertheless, there are also many restaurants, cafés, bars and other locations to explore during day or night
  • "Hannover Central Station" is one of the biggest in Germany - good train (and bus) connections to nearly all other German cities, "Harz mountains", the coast (North Sea) and also to some European cities (Amsterdam, Prague)
  • sports events (football, icehockey, handball) and fairs (e.g. ceBIT) that are taking place here.
  • ...
- We are looking forward to welcome and meet you here! :-)

More information:
The "Hanover Medical School" (MHH) belongs to Germany's medical faculties and university hospitals, and has a leading position concerning research in general, transplantation surgery/regenerative medicine, immunology, lung diseases, otorhinolaryngology and hepatology.
We have approx. 3200 students at MHH, the majority are medical students, but it is also possible to graduate in dentistry, biochemistry, biomedicine or midwifery. Our campus is directly next to the university hospitals, which offers a good connection of theoretical and practical education.
The MHH as a hospital provides approx. 1500 beds for patients and can be seen as a modern (at least from inside ;-)) German hospital with a high standard in nearly all medical disciplines.
You can find more information here:

Moreover, in case that it is not possible to organize a clerkship at MHH, SCOPE-Incomings are also sometimes placed at one of Hanover's other hospitals. Nearly all of these are teaching hospitals, too and used to educating medical students, but - in contrast to the MHH as a university hospital taking all the complicated cases and/or patients with rare diseases - they are smaller and offering more basic medical treatment

And, last but not least, we have the "International Neuroscience Institute" (INI) in Hannover, which was founded by famous neurosurgeon Prof. Samii and where SCOPE-incomings interested in neurosurgery/neurology can also sometimes be placed. More information here:

SCORE-exchange is under construction and renewal at the moment. We are hopefully going to be able to offer more places in research exchange within 2016/2017 as there is a group of students working on this.
"Hanover Medical School" is one of the three leading German universities in medical research, therefore extending SCORE-projects is definetely a good idea.
one time per day at cost of hosting association - we give you pocket money to eat at the hospital's canteen
We normally find a room to stay for you either at one of the student hostels close to Hanover Medical School (shared kitchen and toilet, floor for exchange students) or at a shared student flat in one of Hanover's student quarters (also shared kitchen and toilet).
As already written - "Hannover Central Station" is one of the biggest in Germany and offers very good train (and bus) connections. So it's easy to get around in Germany from here. Train tickets might be expensive, (depending on your destination); going by bus is cheaper but takes often longer. Spending e.g. a day in Hamburg or a weekend in Berlin is definetly possible.

To get around in Hanover, you can buy a one-month-card for busses and trams - if you want to get the student discount, you need to bring an international student-ID (recommended!). Sometimes we also have a bike that we can borrow you.

Hannover has its own airport - especially flights from/to other European cities are landing here.
We offer different activities within your month here, e.g. a welcome dinner, brewery tour or sports event. Moreover your contact person normally shows you all important things during your first days, picks you up at the airport/train station and helps you with all your questions.
From time to time, but only in some months there are national social programs that you can eventually join. And in general we take 2-5 incomings at the same time, so that you also have some other international students to share your time with. :-)
Some ideas - in Hannover:
  • Hanover Town hall
  • "Herrenhäuser Gärten" - Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
  • football match of "Hannover 96"
  • café/bars/restaurants in the student quarters "Linden" and "Nordstadt"
  • go for a walk around the "Maschsee" (lake) or in the "Eilenriede" (city forest)
  • ...
in northern Germany:
  • day trip to Hamburg and/or Bremen (hanseatic cities)
  • day trip to "Harz mountains"
  • weekend at the coast of Lower Saxony (North Sea)

in Germany/Europe:
  • weekend in Berlin
  • weekend in Amsterdam
  • trip to Munich (longer distance, most incomings take the night bus, train needs 4 hours, but is expensive)
  • ...

We always try our best to fulfill your wishes concerning your preferred department, but please understand, that sometimes, when doctors have already accepted other students for an internship, we have to find an alternative for you. In general we then ask either at the smaller hospitals of Hannover or try to get a place for you at a department that is known to treat students well.

Please note: Students who want to complete their elective period at the department of Pediatrics should be able to communicate in German or at least understand German conversations