Germany (BVMD) - Greifswald
Internal Medicine*, Pediatrics*, OB/GYN*, Neurology*, Dermatology*, Otorhinolaryngology*, Ophthalmology*, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Traumatology, Anaesthesiology, Radiology, Urology, Pathology, Orthopedics, Please note that we recommend a good working knowledge of German for the departments marked with an asterisk
available months depend on local disposability
1x per day
Shared apartment, student apartment
Please bring your own stethoscope and white coat, since you'll definitely need them, but the hospital doesn't provide them.

Additionally, please bring a proof of enrollment of your medical school and a certificate of vaccination.
Greifswald LEO

Greifswald is a lovely town located in the northeastern of Germany at the Baltic Sea.

Study where others spend their holidays... the slogan of the University of Greifswald. So, if you are planning to combine a great professional exchange in a modern hospital with fun and some holiday feeling then you're definitely on the right place!

The small river Ryck with the museal harbour gives Greifswald its maritime character. About 40 old traditional ships have dropped their anchor here.

This is a perfect place to meet with friends and other students and have barbeque at the waterside, enjoying a warm summer night. You may also order a drink from the Hornfischbar, a bar ON the river, in one of the old ships.

Only a few kilometers downstream, the Ryck flows into the "Greifswalder Bodden" - a small Bay of the Baltic Sea.

There is a nice beach around which is another popular place to meet with friends and relax. Especially in summer you see people playing beachvolleyball, swimming, surfing, sailing or even lying in the sun almost every time.

Greifswald is a University with a town.

The University of Greifswald is one of the first in Germany and belongs to the oldest still existing in the world. It has been founded in 1456! Of course its foundation has been crucial for the development of the town, being also responsible for a "second Renaissance" of Greifswald in the latest years by atracting many students from all over Germany due to its high quality teaching.

Despite old roots, today Greifswald is a high modern university and research place. The departments of the University are widespread all over the town, whereas the Medical and Natural Sciences departments are being concentrated more and more on the new campus.

The fact that almost one quart of its about 60.000 inhabitants are students reflects in the typical image of Greifswald:

At nights some smaller bars invite to come in for the Happy Hour and while having the one or other drink you may get in the right mood to
join in the party at the Mensa-Club afterwards

If you're curious for more information about Greifswald click here!

The Universitätsklinikum Greifswald unites 21 clinical and policlinical departments and 19 institutes. The recently finished Clinic of the University of Greifswald is a high-tech medicine hospital of maximum care. The combination of health care and university research works together with the education of medical students and young assistant physicians not only to ensure that the medical knowledge is entirely up to date, but that medical treatment can be significantly enhanced in benefit of the patient. The centralized hospital-complex unites all the departments in one place inmiddle the campus, shortening distances for patients, students and physicians.
Research Exchange is in development and currently not provided. You may contact us if you have interest for the key research aspects in the clinic (great epidemiological study: SHIP - Study of Health in Pomerania, Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatitis, Sepsis, Renal (Dis)function and Hypertension...) and our brand new and very modern pharmacological Center of Drug Absorbtion and Transport, C-DAT.
we provide boarding money from bvmd

During your stay in Greifswald you will most likely share a flat with domestic students.

It may also happen that you live together with another foreign student coming on an IFMSA-exchange or even that you have an own small flat. In any case you will have at least one room for your own.

Please bring 50 € for security garantee.


There are two main ways to get here, via the airports of Hamburg or Berlin and then taking the train. We suggest for you to look for plane tickets and take whatever is cheaper and then if you’ll need we can help you out with train connections. Other airports (for example Frankfurt) are possible, but really not recommendable, since it's a far journey and not always possible on the same day depending on when you arrive (anyway, it’s better to arrive before 17:00).

By train

Once you’ve arrived at the airport in Hamburg or Berlin you’ll need a train to get to Greifswald.

You can buy tickets in advance at, they’re usually cheaper.

Once on the site you can choose your country/preferred language on the upper side. Then just type in your travel data – for example Hamburg Airport to Greifswald (Hbf) on the arrival day. On the next screen you’ll see a list with possible connections.

There are two possibilities for tickets: you may choose one of the connections (choosing the one that is faster or with less train changes or the cheapest one). Only problem: if you book a promotional price you MUST take exactly the specified rapid train (the IC - Inter City or ICE – Inter City Express). If you lose this one, the ticket isn't valid in another train. Normally it shouldn't be a problem to get it, if you plan enough time between plane arrival and the first train.

The other possibility is to buy a ticket for the whole state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (which is also valid in Hamburg) - for €21. Then you can take every REGIONAL train (mainly the red ones) - with the name RE or IRE. On the list of connections you can chose in the advanced settings to show only the regional trains. If you’re not travelling alone you can add up to 5 people, paying €3 for every additional passenger.

You can buy the tickets online and bring them printed with you. Very important is that you also have the piece of identification you used to buy the ticket with you, or else the ticket won't be valid either!


within the city

Greifswald has a lot of beautiful places for you to discover. As mentioned above, most of the Greifswalder go by bike because of the small distances, the annoying traffic-lights that are permanent red and the lack of parking areas.

We provide you with a bike for the time you will stay here.

If you are not able to ride one or you don´t want to it would be nice if you informed us before you arrive!

around the city

Coming to and getting away from Greifswald is not that easy as it is in other citys. But there still are some trains running to Berlin in 2,5 h or via Stralsund to Rostock and Hamburg.

You may also do a trip to one of the beautiful islands in the Baltic Sea like Rügen, Usedom or Hiddensee where many people like to spend their holidays.


We are a group of medical students of mixed age and grade.

One of us will be your contact person to whom you may adress any questions you have concerning your exchange and arrival.

Our concern is to make your stay here to become a great, unforgettable experience for you;)

Summer is the best time to be here, there are a lot of things to do. Being very close to the Baltic Sea we have the great possibility to go sailing for example!

On the first weekend there will be a Welcome Day or Evening where you'll get to know the other foreign students.

The "International Cooking Evening" has become a monthly institution during the last years. So bring one typical recipe to give us the taste of your homeland.

And the other time? It´s up to you! We will meet once a week to plan our activities.

For this year we're planning a weekend-trip to Berlin, meeting the incomings and the LEO-team there.

Nevertheless you will also have time to travel and relax... ...and to party!

We are very excited and looking forward to welcome you in Greifswald!

Your LEO-Team Greifswald

  • St. Nicholas' Cathedral
  • St. Mary's Church
  • St. James' Church
  • City Hall
  • Pomeranian State Museum
  • Hanseatic architecture at the market place
  • Harbor
  • Zoo
ask your contact person about it.