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You will receive boarding money from bvmd Germany.
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Erlangen LEO

About Erlangen

Welcome to Erlangen!

The Bavarian city in the north of Nuremberg has about 105.000 inhabitants. Most of them work in the university-hospital and at Siemens, especially in the healthcare-sector. That's the reason why Erlangen is also called the city of medicine. More than one third of the population are students who make Erlangen a young and open-minded city.

Local Exchange Team

We are approximately 15 students who would like to welcome you in Erlangen! Everyone of you will have a contact person who brings you to hospital on the first day of internship, helps you with the formalities of the accomodation and is contactable whenever you need help or have a question.

We are planing to have a national food and drinking party, we'll make a sightseeing tour in Erlangen all together, go out in the evenings, ... and most of the time some of us will accompany you on the weekendtrips.


You have the opportunity to do your professional exchange in the university hospital [1] or in the Waldkrankenhaus St. Marien [2] depending on the departement you choose. Usually you have to be at hospital for about 8 hours, from 8 am til 4 pm (depending on the departement). For work at hospital please bring your own white coat, a pair of clinic shoes and a stethoscope.

Please note that it might be usefull to apply for departements with little contact to patients, if you don't speak any German. Most doctors speak English but patients and especially elderly people only speak German and it could be difficult to understand their Franconian dialect.

In German hospitals it's very important to introduce oneself. Particularly nurses in the operating theatre are not amused if you forget it.

You have the opportunity to have lunch in the kafeteria of the hospital for about 3 € per dish.

So far we do not offer any research exchange
You will receive boarding money from bvmd Germany
You will stay in an appartement in a student dormitory or share a flat with other students. It's always difficult to find an accomodation in Erlangen most of all for such a short period of time. For that reason we can't give you any detailed information right now.

Travelling within Erlangen

Erlangen is a really nice place to study since it's not too big and everything is easy to reach by bike. That's why it's the most favoured transportation especially of students.

Erlangen has a lovely old town with lots of nice cafés, pubs and restaurants. There you can taste the different kinds of bavarian beer and Franconian specialities like Schäufele or Nuremberger bratwurst. The castlegrounds with the botanical garden are located at the edge of the historical center. This is a popular recreation-area particularly during summer-time.

You can spend the night in one of the pubs and bars for example in the Kanapee. A lot of students go there for a beer enjoying the cosy atmosphere or having a billiard or a table football match. If you want to taste a home-brewed beer we can recommend the Steinbach-Bräu. In summer you can sit outside in the lovely beer garden. For everybody prefering cocktails to beer the Havannah Bar, Galileo and Papa Joes are some good adresses.

Erlangen has also some possibilities to go clubbing, like Zirkel, Peak or the arts centre E-Werk. Beside parties different kinds of concerts take place there and in the small cinema you can watch movies in the original language with subtitles.

The most important highlight in cultural life of Erlangen is the Bergkirchweih, a public festival comparable to the Oktoberfest in Munich. It attracts approximately one million visitors every year! The twelve-days-lasting event takes place during Pentecost. Erlanger Bergkirchweih

Travelling throughout Erlangen

Nuremberg, Bamberg and the Franconian Swiss are destinations that are worth visiting and are close enough for a one day trip. If you want to go a bit further away we can recommend a trip to Munich, Würzburg and even Prague.

Nuremberg is just 20 minutes by train from Erlangen. It's a much more bigger city than Erlangen and is absolutely worth visting at least once. It's known for the Nürnberger Lebkuchen (Nuremberg gingerbread) a kind of christmas cookie and the Christkindlesmarkt Germany's largest christmas market. In the old center you can visit the Kaiserburg (cesar fortress), you can go shopping and lots of interesting museums are waiting to be discovered. For example the toy museum, the Germanic national museum or the house where the famous artist Albrecht Dürer lived in the 15th and 16th century.

Bamberg is an ideal destination for a one day trip. It's old town with medieval and baroque architecture is part of the UNESCO World Heritage – cultural and natural site. You can visit the impressing dome, the new residence with the rosegarden, ... From there you can enjoy the wonderful view on the city. One typical speciality of Bamberg is the Rauchbier (smokebeer). You can try the original one in the old restaurant „Schlenkala“.

For everybody who likes hiking – Erlangen is located at the edge of the Franconian Swiss where you can find some really nice hiking trails.

You can also travel to Munich and even Prague for a weekend. To get to Prague you can take the bus from Nuremberg starting from 19 €. As long as you travel within Bavaria the Bayern-Ticket of the Deutsche Bahn db is a relatively cheep opportunity especially if you share a group-ticket.

Last but not least we maintain contact with the local exchange teams in Tübingen and Würzburg. Our plans are still in progress but we are looking forward to organize a trip to one of these cities to meet the locals and the incomings or to welcome them in Erlangen.

Distances: Munich: 190 km Prague: 310 km Würzburg: 100 km Tübingen: 280 km

Ask your contact person about it!
There are many places you can visit in Erlangen and in the surroundings. You can ask your contact person for more information or just explore the beautiful city on your own :)


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we'll try to help you.

We are looking forward to get to know you and to welcome you in our lovely city!