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Düsseldorf is the capital of North-Rhine-Westphalia and has 600000 inhabitants. It is located in the Rhine Ruhr Area, the biggest conurbation of Germany. Within an ambit of 50 kilometers there live 9 million people, especially in the cities like Cologne, Essen, Bochum, Duisburg and Wuppertal
In the majority of the cases you will be placed at the University Clinic of Düsseldorf! It is located in the south of Düsseldorf next to the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf. The hole area ranges around 400.000 square meters and includes 29 clinics and 30 institutes. The clinic was founded 1907 as a medical academy and achieved international reputation because of many distinguished medical scientist like Franz Grosse-Brockhoff, Ernst Derra, Franz Loogen and Gustav-Adolf von Harnack. In the sixties the local university and the medical academy were unified. In recent years have been built some new buildings in the existing hospital complex, to modernize the hospital and in order to maximize the supply. Therefore you can see a perfect fusion of historical and ultra-modern buildings at the hospital area.
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You'll find a cafeteria which offers a lot of affordable and delicious snacks in almost every building on campus as well as many restaurants right around the corner. About noon, students meet at the "Mensa", a big cantina, to have lunch together.
We try to accommodate you with the other exchange students in the same students hostel which is close to the university clinic. There you will have your own room with a bed, table, a cupboard, a closet and a little fridge. Probably you will have to share the bathroom (mostly not) and the kitchen but in fact this will be a good opportunity to get in contact with other students in this hostel, since most of them will be on an exchange from abroad as well.

Traveling within Düsseldorf is easy. You can do most of the ways by bike. Another opportunity is to use the public transport, which offers tram and bus. You can use the public transport to get to the airport as well. Find information on prices and timetables here:

For traveling within Germany you can use the ''Deutsche Bahn'' railway. Find information on prices and a journey planner here: 

If you are lucky you can find some really cheap special offers, e.g. visiting the October Fest in Munich for 59€ or even travel abroad and visit Paris for 29€!

Our LEOs will frequently organise trips and other events such as barbecues - we want you to discover our city and the best places around. In the last years, we visited the fair, spent time at the lakes close to Düsseldorf, went to other cities nearby .. Depending on the weather and your wishes, we have countless possibilities to make your exchange an unforgettable time.

The Old Town - ''the longest bar of the world''

Düsseldorf is famous for its Old Town which accommodates about 260 bars and restaurants. From a French luxury restaurant to a little local pub you can find everything. While sitting in the sun and drinking the typical "Alt" beer you can have a great view over the Rhine and watch the people passing by. Whatever the time is - the Old Town is always busy. 

The Media Harbour

Only one kilometre from the Old Town there is the so called new Media Harbour which shows/displays a mixture of contemporary architecture. International architects like Frank O. Gehry and local architects formed the face of Düsseldorf's new spot of nightlife, containing a cinema, the club "Port Seven" and many bars. One of Düsseldorf's main attractions is situated next to the harbour as well: 

The Rhine Tower

A 240,50 metres high building that can be spotted from nearly every part of town. On top of the tower there is a restaurant and a visitors platform which offers a magnificent view over Düsseldorf. Depending on the weather it is even possible to see the Cathedral of Cologne and high level buildings of the Ruhr District.

The ''Rheinstrand''

Düsseldorf even has its own beach: a perfect place to spend sunny days with your new friends. Have a picnic, bring a ball or just sit around and watch some big ships pass by.



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