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Welcome to Bonn!!! In the following we would like to introduce our city and show you why it is worth to come here for a stay!

Former Capital

Bonn is a beautiful, green city, the former capital of Germany, until it has been moved back to Berlin following the German reunification in 1991. The city is located at the river Rhine just 30 kilometers (~ 18 miles) South of Cologne.


Bonn’s most famous son is probably the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Currently Bonn has about 300.000 inhabitants including 28.000 students.


During your free time there are many great activities to do. The city has many highly interesting museums, especially regarding its size, for instance the “Haus der Deutschen Geschichte” (House of German History) and the “Bundes Kunsthalle” (Federal Arts Hall). There are also some movie theatres (even open air in summer) where most films are dubbed in German with no Close Captions. Many green spaces, colourful cafés and small alleys invite especially the students to spend their free time there and just relax. Especially during the summer time there are a lot of open air festivals (like the “Rheinkultur”), flea markets, barbecues at the waterside, concerts and special international events. Due to the flat area you can go easily around and anywhere by bike!!!

You will generally be placed in one of the departments of the university hospitals on the “Venusberg”. If you do not speak German, we recommend you to apply for a surgical department
We currently have various project with basic sciene but also clinical work. Our projects are very popular with the students, so it may not be possible to offer them for you since they are already taken. Check out the database for updates!
You will receive boarding money from bvmd Germany.

You will be staying in a student dorm or subletting a room from another student. You will have your own room, but you will most likely share a kitchen and a bathroom with other students. Usually, the rooms have internet access, but we cannot always guarantee this, as the accomodations vary from month to month. We will do our best to find accommodation in a good location of the city with easy access to the hospital. Once we finalize your living arrangement, we will let you know more details. In addition, we can lend you a mobile phone with a German phone number and a bike on bail.


To Berlin 600 km (~5 ½ h) To Hamburg 450 km (~4h) To München 560 km (~5h) To Heidelberg 235 km (~2h) To Koblenz 85 km (~1h) To Bruxelles: 230 km (~2h) To Amsterdam: 290 km (~3h) To Paris 510 km (~4h)

Within Bonn

During your free time there are many activities to do in Bonn and we are already looking forward to helping you to discover everything . Even though the city is relatively small, we have a great abundance of interesting museums mainly on the Museum Mile, for example the “Haus der Deutschen Geschichte” (Museum of German History) and the “Bundeskunsthalle” (National Art Museum). Everything is in a very comfortable distance from one another and easy to reach by public transport or even by bike. You can visit Beethoven’s birthplace in the Bongasse and find historical documents and original instruments of his.

The former “Kurfürstliches Schloss” (Electoral Prince’s Castle) serves as the main building of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn and gazes at the students resting in the “Hofgarten” (Court Garden).

We have plenty of green spaces, such as the “Rheinaue”, a large park along the banks of the Rhine, where people meet to rollerblade, sunbathe or barbecue along the waterside. In the summertime we have the “Rheinkultur”, an open air festival for free, more concerts in the inner city and special international events. Colourful cafés and small alleys invite especially the students to spend their free time outdoors. The nightlife of Bonn offers small clubs, student parties and lots of cozy bars. If you prefer a trip into nature to city life you can go hiking along the “Rheinsteig“ The “Rheinsteig” hiking path leads to where the Rhine presents its beauty at its best.

For some more tourist information, we recommend:

We will help you to get a ticket for the public transportation service in Bonn. Therefore you need to bring a long a passport foto with you upon arrival! The ticket costs ----- and is valid in-------zone transportation network for one month.

Around Bonn

Bonn is a good starting point for short daytrips, hiking and weekend trips. It takes half an hour to reach our famous neighbouring City Cologne and about an hour to arrive in Düsseldorf, both by train. Aachen is about a 2 hours’ ride away. To check out prices and distances go to: . If you plan to visit Paris, Amsterdam or Bruxelles, check out tickets and prices in time at

It depends on the month what kind of program we offer. Please ask your contract person about it.
Please ask your contact person about it

if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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