Germany (BVMD) - Bochum
upon request
Available periods depend on local disposability, but in general every month is possible (with limitations regarding December and January)
at least 1 warm meal per day, served by hospital canteen or at the university
Depending on disposal: student dormitories or your own flat, but we try to arrange a shared flat with local students to get you in touch with the city
Your CP will tell you about any special requirements
Bochum LEO

Welcome to Bochum!

When the mining industry was developing in the early 19th century several small villages and towns in the region around the Ruhr river became home to many people from other parts of Germany (and even from other countries) who were looking for work. The villages and towns began to grow and prosper. The Ruhr area was born! With a population of 7 million people in 50 cities it is today the biggest urban area in Germany. Bochum is a central part of it, has round about 365.000 inhabitants and it is the 16th most populous city in Germany.

Especially many young people come to Bochum in order to study at the Ruhr-University. In addition Bochum has many more attractions to offer:

If you are interested in Bochum’s culture and history, do not miss the German Mining Museum. You can learn a lot about the mining industry and work conditions. You are also able to experience how it felt like in such a coal mine. You can even climb up to the top of an original winding tower from where you have a fantastic view over Bochum.

The Bermuda Triangle is Bochum’s famous entertainment area with bars, restaurants and cinemas that attract people from the whole region. It is said to be the area with the highest concentration of pubs in Europe and as the name implies adventurers who are brave enough to get here face a high risk of getting lost and are not likely to reappear before the next morning!

Do you like sports? You hopefully do! Bochum is very proud of its football-club VfL Bochum. At the moment they play another season in Germany’s second division, the team has many fans and supporters.

The Rewirpower-Stadium also hosted ten matches of the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup 2010 and Bochum was also a host city to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011.

Our Local Committee

As your local committee in Bochum we organize your clerkship, your accommodation and answer any kind of question you might have. We also arrange a social programme once a week, e.g. a pub crawl or a BBQ-party. Another important event is the international cooking night: Every incoming can prepare a typical meal of his/her country. Your local committee is always hungry and eager to taste it! So if you need some rare ingredients for your typical meal, do not forget to bring them!


"During my four weeks of clerkship in Bochum I gained a vast experience in medicine. The doctors and the staff in the hospital were friendly and I was allowed to do a lot of things. Bochum is an amazing city in the Ruhr area and gives a lot of possibilities for entertainment and short trips during weekends. The social programme is various and fascinating." - Vladimir, Russia

"Bochum gave me a precious experience, both academic and non-academic things (*´ω


The Ruhr-University of Bochum

Bochum’s university was founded in 1962. Nowadays there are over 42.000 students from 130 countries who study at 20 faculties. The Ruhr-University Bochum is the sixth largest university in Germany. The range of subjects you can study here is one of Germany’s widest and offers programs such as Medicine, Law, Economics, Engineering, Languages and Sciences. Research is focused on several areas, e.g. Neuroscience, Protein-Research or Interfacial Systems Chemistry. All faculties are situated on the campus. The campus also offers several places where you can spend your free time:

The Kultur-Café is a nice and pleasant pub with cheap drinks. Sometimes events like student parties, poetry slams or concerts are held here.

Another beautiful facility is the Botanic Garden with its choice of plants and flowers from all over the world. It is also a place for exhibitions. If you need a moment of silence and meditation we recommend the Chinese Garden!


The Medical Faculty is associated with several university hospitals most of which you can reach within 5 to 15 minutes by public transportation from the central station.

Usual working shifts for incomings run from about 7:30 a.m. till about 4:00 p.m. No work on weekends! The staff canteens usually provide breakfast and lunch.

Basically you can apply for a clinical clerkship in every medical department. However, many patients only speak German, so if you are not fluent in German we recommend choosing a surgical department or anaesthesia. The extent of your involvement in medical procedures may vary depending on the department, the ward and – last but not least – your knowledge and experience. Just talk to your supervisor!


The university of Bochum has a lot of different projects to offer. We managed to establish 8 new projects within less than a year in various departements like physiology, anatomy, genetics and biology. So if you interested in one of your projects, just apply for it and we will do our best to fullfill your wishes.

We are still working on on getting new research projects. Have a look at the database to check out our projects.

You will be getting a warm meal at your hospital at least once per day

Usually we place our incomings in student hostels or shared student flats, where they share a flat with two or three other students and where everybody has a private room. The kitchen and bathrooms may not always be completely equipped so you better bring some towels, bedsheets and cutlery. We will let you know in advance, if you need something else. There is also internet access available, so do not forget your notebook and your network cable. We will tell you how to get a user account for free from the university. Bus and metro stops are close so that you can reach the central station or the university easily.

The student hostel “Auf der Papenburg“ has been sanified and renovated in 2011. It provides a bar and a sauna. So if you want to meet other people you do not necessarily need a stylish outfit…

Unfortunately we can only provide lodging for the indicated duration of your clinical clerkship. If you arrive a few days earlier or if you want to extend your stay please tell us as soon as possible and we may find a solution. You can also book a bed at Bochum’s YHA Hostel.


From the airport to Bochum

Central Station

There are three airports from where you can get to the Bochum Central Station (=Hauptbahnhof) by public transportation: Düsseldorf (DUS, 45 minutes), Dortmund (DTM, 60 minutes), Köln/Bonn (CGN, 90 minutes). We pick you up at the Central Station. You can check the timetables and even purchase an online-ticket in advance on the webpage of German Railways. Do not hesitate to tell us if you need further assistance

Within Bochum

The best way to get around in Bochum and its surrounding cities is by public transportation. We recommend the “Youngticket” (70€) which allows you to use all public transportations within the local area and gives you the best possibility to discover the cities nearby like Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg and Düsseldorf. If you want we buy one for you in advance! If you want to visit other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (Cologne) you need a ticket on top (6,60€ one way).


Social program is organized regularly and depends on what you are up to:

International dinner, pub tours, guided tours of the city, cinema, trips to the surroundings or simply hanging out together. Depending on the period you will be staying here, there will also be several festivals in the city/area, the biggest one called "Bochum Total" in summer (a free music festival in the inner city centre). We are also usually try to arrange a regional social program in the summer months with the local committes around North Rhine Westfalia.

There are a lot of things to see in Bochum!

Bochum: A to Z

Letter Word Description Link
A Apartment A famous club
B Bermuda Triangle Bochum's entertainment area
C Currywurst Fast food made in Bochum, mandatory for incomings!
D Dönninghaus The best Currywurst!
E Europahaus A student's hostel which includes a big event hall
F Fiege Bochum's own beer brewery!
G Grönemeyer Bochum's most famous singer
H Herne A city close to Bochum with two university hospitals,_Germany
I Intershop When all other pubs are closing the Intershop does not!
J Jahrhunderthalle A big event centre
K Kemnader See A storage lake and recreation area
L Löwendenkmal A monument in memory of the victims of WWI
M Mining Museum Learn something about the Mining history of the Ruhr area!
N Northrhine Westphalia The Federal land that Bochum is a part of
O Opel Opel ran a factory in Bochum
P Planetarium Here you can watch documentary movie shows about the universe
Q QVC Bochum is the domicile of QVC Germany's call centre
R Riff A club with two areas. Live music every wednesday!
S Starlight Express Andrew Lloyd Webber's wonderful musical
T Toto & Harry Two cops who have their own TV show
U U35 A highly frequented subway line. The best way to the Ruhr University.
V VfL Bochum Bochum's best football team
W WAZ The regional newspaper
X Xenos A shop where you can buy cheap stuff you will never need!
Y YHA-Hostel The closest hostel to the Bermuda Triangle
Z Zeche A club situated in a former coal mine

What to bring

  • Passport
  • Proof of vaccination and immunisation status of Hepatits B and C (Serology) and TBC-Mantoux Test are required!
  • proof of health insurance
  • If possible, a few Euros (money, in case you get stuck somewhere)
  • White coat
  • Comfortable, closed (if possible, especially in departments of surgery WHITE) shoes
  • Depending on your department: stethoscope, reflex hammer, light…
  • Towels
  • A set of cutlery, a bowl, a cup, a plate
  • Network cable for internet access


BVMD c/o FSR Medizin
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
Universitaetsstrasse 150
MA 0/305
44801 Bochum


Once you have been accepted as an incoming you get the email address and phonenumber of your contact person.

You can also join our group on facebook: bvmd_bochum

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