Germany (BVMD) - Berlin
upon request, Please note: For an internship in non-surgical fields (mostly internal medicine) at least basic german language proficiency is mandatory., An internship in sports medicine is not possible., If you want to do internal medicine please specify (cardiology gastroenterology etc.).
available months depend on local disposability
1 meal per day
Single room in a student flat
Berlin LEO

About the city 

Berlin is the largest and most diverse city of Germany. It has it's rough sides, but also many hidden treasures. So if you take some initiative, Berlin will reward you with your own unique experience, with open air concerts, tiny art galleries, small culture festivals, an exclusive club scene and exotic bistros. Besides its very hip and vibrant culture and lifestyle, it is important that Berlin is an ever-changing metropolis. You can explore places of the turbulent history of the last century from the days of the German Empire to the proclamation of the socialist, respectively democratic Republic to the rise of the Nazi Dictatorship, from the death and destruction during the Second World War to the rebuilding, from a divided city to a reunited capital.

The Charité University has 3 main campuses in different districts of Berlin. You will either be placed in one of the university clinics or in one of many other academic hospitals in Berlin. We organise you the medical internship corresponding to your department choices, accomodation and personal preferences.

Please make sure to have an adequate immunisation of the standard vaccinations. Especially a proof of the titer of anti-HBs >100 IE/L is required in nearly every hospital in Berlin. Please make sure to get a booster vaccination and an updated proof of titer >100 IE/L in case of low responder rate.

For further information please ask your Contact Person.

Unfortunately we do not offer SCORE projects.

You will receive boarding money from bvmd Germany

We organize your accommodation in normal student flats. It has the advantage that you usually share the flat with somebody who has been living here for a while and can easily tell you where the closest supermarket or station is. We make sure that the flat has wifi, a proper bathroom and an equipped kitchen you can use. You’ll also have your own room. However this also brings some responsibilities, it is important that you clean after yourself, respect your flatmates and their rules. We can not guarantee you that you can invite people to your flat or your flatmates let anybody else sleep in your room. We also can not guarantee you an accommodation if you arrive days before your internship or decide to stay longer. Please be prepared, that you might need to organize your own accommodation in this case.

Public transportation is very well organized in Berlin, there is a huge network of underground- and overground-trains, trams and buses. It is divided into three zones, however zone C also includes small cities surrounding Berlin. We advise all our exchange students to get a monthly ticket for 57 euros, which is valid for zone A and B. Therefore please bring a current passport photo with you and we will help you getting the monthly ticket. Public transportation during the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday runs longer and is also more frequent than on other nights, so you can get home safely from parties. Another efficient way of transportation is by bike. We usually try to organize a bike for our exchange students too, however we use our own bikes on a daily basis as well.

We try to offer a broad social programm, but it depends a lot on the month and the LEOs available.

There are a lot of things to see in Berlin! Find out yourself.


What to consider before choosing Berlin: 

- Berlin is a big city, long commutes up to an hour are considered normal and although we try we can't guarantee you an accommodation close to the hospital
- We are also med-students and we have most of the exchange students in our regular semester-times and even during the holidays many of us need to do clerkships as well, so we do expect you to be a bit independent.
- Most departments take clerkships seriously. You supposed to stay at the hospital 8-9 hours (including a lunch-break) and you supposed to help the doctors. Some departments are more relaxed and some more strict, it's hard to predict.
- If you want to intern in non-surgical fields (mostly internal medicine) please be aware that at least basic german language proficiency is mandatory.
- Internships in sports medicine, unfortunately, are not possible.
- If you want to do internal medicine please specify the field you would like to intern in (cardiology, gastroenterology etc.)