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Aachen LEO

Aachen - Aix-la-Chapelle -


UKA - your working place

Thanks to the extraordinary architecture the University Clinic Aachen (UKA) is definitely one of the most interesting buildings in Aachen. Nevertheless entering the clinic visitors might get the feeling of boarding a space ship, due to the numerous pipes and the metallic cladding as well as the grass-green carpet, door, walls, floors, chairs and even examination rooms. Furthermore visiting the hospital requires a well-developed sense of orientation. But don't worry we will provide a detailed map of the clinic structure for every incoming that comes to Aachen!

Facts and numbers

240 m 130 m 6600 1365 33 25

Research Projects

At the moment we have no Research projects available.

You will receive boarding money from bvmd Germany

Usually, students are placed at student hostels at 5 minutes walking from the university clinic. In some cases, the students may also get a room in a flat shared with other students - either exchange students themselves or regular German students.

If you want to stay longer than your internship lasts, there is always the possibility of getting a room in youth hostels. If possible, you are always welcome to stay at the flat of one of our members.


How to reach Aachen

Since Aachen does not have an airport, you have to fly to Frankfurt, Cologne/Bonn or Düsseldorf and travel by train to Aachen. We listed some of the connections to help you find your way.

Frankfurt -> Aachen Hauptbahnhof

There are some train connections that without any transfer stops. All of them can be taken every day. The departing station is Frankfurt Airport and the arrival station is Aachen Mainstation ("Aachen Hauptbahnhof" in German).

6:38 ICE 18 8:20
10:32 ICE 16 12:16
14:32 ICE 14 16:20
18:43 ICE 10 20:16

Cologne/Bonn -> Aachen Hauptbahnhof

There are some train connections that have no transfer stops. All of them take off daily. The departing station is Cologe/Bonn Airport and the arrival station is Aachen Mainstation ("Aachen Hauptbahnhof" in German).

7:28 ICE 18 8:20
11:28 ICE 16 12:16

Düsseldorf -> Aachen Hauptbahnhof

There are some train connections that have no transfer stops at this route as well. They can also be taken daily. The departure station is Düsseldorf Airport and the arrival station is Aachen Mainstation ("Aachen Hauptbahnhof" in German). Those trains depart regularly between the hours of 5 o'clock in the morning and 23 o'clock in the morning. Here are the first and the last connection of a day listed.

5:32 RE 10102 7:07
22:32 RE 10142 0:07

To find a matching connection please look here: Deutsche Bahn TravelService

For further information please look here: Deutsche Bahn



Coming to Aachen, there is one street which you won't forget so fast: Pontstraße. This is the place where the real student's nightlife is taking place. Students from all different faculties meet at the popular pubs and bars like the Apollo, the Labyrinth and the Pontgarten. Throughout the semester, there are often student's parties organised by the faculties, such as the "Pathofête" of the medical students in July or the "Summer Breeze" in June.

In order to get an idea of what’s happening around you, visit Campuslife. There you will find an event-calendar showing all of the week’s events as well as information about the location, the time, the type of music being played and the cost. The current Theatre Program is displayed there as well.


Cathedral of Aachen, Photo: Machla & Niels Ras

One of the most famous events is the international dinner or "Food and Drinking Party" where we meet at some member's place and where every student cooks traditional dishes from his or her country. This is always a lot of fun!

As for sightseeing and landscape, you will have the possibility to participate in a sightseeing tour organised by our members. Given the extraordinary history, there are lots of places of interest to see in Aachen.

Furthermore we will show you the Three Countries Corner where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet. Surely you can imagine what crazy attempts have been made trying to reach all the three countries at the same time.

If you like chocolate, Aachen is good place to stay thanks to the manufactures of Lindt, one of the biggest German chocolate brands. It is an absolute must for every visitor that comes to Aachen!

Depending on the season, there are many sport offers, too, like climbing, swimming or ice skating. During the summer months, there is also the "CHIO" (Concours Hippique International Officiel) which is one of the most famous horse contests in the world and which is a great attraction for all tourists.

In spring and autumn, there is a fair in Aachen called "Bend". There you have many attractions like rollercoaster, carousels and a water slide. Here you can also buy typical German fair snacks like candy almonds and hearts of Lebkuchen (gingerbread).

Ask your contact person about what to see in Aachen =)
If you also want to travel a bit from Aachen it is easy to travel to Paris, Brussels or Cologne by train. Amsterdam is also not that far.

What to bring...

Working in a hospital every incoming should bring some equipments. So if you want to work as a professional exchange student in Aachen please bring following items:

  • stethoscope
  • !!!!The Hepatits B-Immunization is absolutely required!!!! 
    If you dont have a valid immunisation record and/or the Anti-HBs-titer is below 100ug/dl you will not be given permission to participate in our program.
  • optional: eyelight, reflex hammer
  • photo of yourself

What else to bring...

  • towls
  • swim suit
  • picture of yourself for the incoming wall
  • picture of yourself for the "Memo book"
  • the recipe for a traditional dish from your country
  • sleeping bag

The German way of life

  • the German currency is Euros (€)
  • remember stores close normally close at 8 pm (some at 10 pm) and open at 8 am (some at 7am)
  • we are famous for our well build 'Autobahns'
  • Germany has an old history: castles, cathedrals, frame houses, cuckoo clocks...
  • one normally shakes hands for greeting (formally)
  • not all Germans eat Weißwurst and Sauerkraut for breaktfast - but some do (really far away from Aachen)
  • Germans are usually never late for a meeting (and we also like foreigners to be on time ;) )*
  • most of the Germans take their job really serious and start working really early*
  • working in Germany? better be prepared for many bureaucratic rules
  • Germans are accurate and well organized and very social*
  • not all German are fair-haired
  • good sense of humor

(*beware: this is only true for the average German - come and visit us and experience the real German way of life)

check it out: the German way of life


Fachschaft Medizin der RWTH Aachen
BVMD-Austausch-Büro (Flur 43)
Pauwelsstr. 30
52074 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 / 8 08 99 22