France (ANEMF) - Nimes
All the departments are available after the approval of our heads of deparment
Twice a day
At outgoing's flat/house.
French is required
Elise Acher
Mathis David

Nîmes, with its 170 000 inhabitants, is the 20th city of France and the capital of the Gard department. It’s not the most famous city in the South of France but you may have heard of it thanks to their bull-fighting tradition.

Nîmes owes its rich history to different civilizations who dominated the territory before de French Revolution, especially Romains, Visigoth, and Saracens.  However, most of the historical monuments that we can currently see in the city and in the department are inherited from the Roman Empire.    

Its localization near the French Riviera, between Montpellier and Marseille, and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cevennes Mountains makes it a complete region and allows a wide variety of activities, from peaceful and beautiful walks to activities for the more adventurous like paragliding or canoeing.

The Pentecost Feria in May and the Harvest Feria in September are a popular festival center of bullfighting which attracts each year thousands of tourists to the city. They're not only famous by bullfighting but also by their festivities in the city center! Come see it by yourself, you're not going to be disappointed! 

The Nimes Faculty of Medicine is affiliated to the University of Montpellier.

There is only one University Hospital in the city, the CHU Caremeau, which is the hospital’s reference in the region.

The Hospital and the University are one next to the other and four kilometers from the city center.
We're not SCORE active (yet!) 
Twice a day at the OG's home.
 - Breakfast is provided by the French host every day.
 - The local Medical Student Association (Corporation des Carabins Crocodiles) offers a canteen card to the Incomings which allows them to eat from Monday to Friday at the Hospital’s canteen.
On weekends, the host provides at least lunch or dinner.
The outgoings from Nîmes welcome the incomings in their flats.


Nîmes is well disserved by public transport:
There are two airports near it: the “Montpellier-Méditeranée” airport near Montpellier and 50km far from Nîmes, and the “Nîmes Alès Camargue Cevennes” airport 10km far from Nîmes. A bus is connected to this airport with the city center.
 - Two
train stations with high-velocity train (TGV): one in the city center and another one 14 km from Nîmes. Both of them connect Nîmes with many cities like Marseille, Montpellier, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona…

The city has a developed bus network. One tram-bus line and one bus line (5) connect the center of Nîmes to the Hospital.


Once the incomings arrive in Nîmes, we offer them a Welcome Pack in which there are, amongst other surprises, all information about Nîmes and its countryside. A program with all the offered cultural and sports activities is also included.

Due to its wonderful cultural heritage, we will suggest the incoming students visit the different monuments of Nîmes and the department. Besides, some activities are planned during the stay such as beach journeys, paintball, canoeing… We will also offer them to come with us to student parties.

We can as well organize weekend trips to Montpellier or Marseille if you wish and we can give you some advice if you want to travel by yourself! 

We organize an NFDP for our Incomings, so please bring some food and drink specialties from your countries!

And we hope you'll not go home without tasting our gastronomy specialties: 

  • "Brandade" (an emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, and potatoes): very tasty on grilled bread
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Tapenade: a paste of green or black olives
  • "Gardiane de taureau": bull meat with sauce 
  • Some sorts of cheese 
  • A wine cluster in the region: "Costières de Nîmes". White, red and rosé wine. 



Nimes and its department have monuments and landscapes that are worth being seen.
The “Arenes”, the “Jardins de la Fontaine”, the “Pont du Gard”...  which reminds us of the Romain past of the region.
The Cevennes Mountains and the Camargue are a “must-see” given their amazing landscape.
Aigues Mortes and Avignon are two beautiful cities with again an important regional history.

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French is required.

Nîmes is a small city with a big history and a warm southern soul. Come to Nîmes for your exchange and we promise you'll not be disappointed!