France (ANEMF) - Marseille
all of them except emergency and peadiatrics, you need to be fluent in French to apply for psychiatry
June, July, August, September
Breakfast and one meal provided at the cost of the student's association
At the student's flat
French is REQUIRED in Marseille.
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We would like to welcome you to Marseille, the most wonderful city in the south of France!

For those who don't know, Marseille is the second largest town of France and the biggest commercial port. It is located on the Mediterranean Coast.

Although part of the region of Provence, Marseille has a soul of its own. Founded in 600 B.C. by the Greek sailors of Phocaea, this city is the eldest in France and probably the most complex.

Marseille is a city that has its own unique culture and is proud of its differences from the rest of France. Today it is a regional center for culture and entertainment with an important opera house, historical and maritime museums, five art galleries and numerous cinemas, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

The climate is mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. You will enjoy the weather in Marseille, as it is officially the sunniest city in France! 


The Faculty of Medicine is part of Aix-Marseille University, which is the largest French-speaking university.

It is located in the Timone neighbourhood, where it got its name. 

There are 4 University Hospitals, where students attend clerkships : 
- Hopital de la Timone, which is the largest hospital of Marseille. It is located right next to the Faculty.
Hopital de la Conception, which is also close to the Faculty.
Hopital Sainte-Marguerite, located in the southern part of the city
- And the Hopital Nord, as the name states in the northern part of the city.

Students are also allowed to learn at the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, which is specialized in cancer patients.

Please note that a free French malpractice insurance will be subscribed for you by the LEO of Marseille as it is required by the hospitals. Contact the LEO if you need more information about this. 

To be updated.

For boarding two meals (breakfast and another meal) will be provided for you.

We are given a grant by the University to fund the boarding expenses, which is approximately 25 euros per week per student, we'll give you more information when the time comes!

Don't hesitate to ask your host to come with you to do the groceries, he/she will give you the best pieces of advice as to what to get to be a true Marseillais! 

You will be hosted by a medical student who is in his 3rd or 6th year of studies, and who is also involved in an IFMSA SCOPE or SCORE program.

Most of the students live around the Medical Faculty, close to the hospitals. 

How to get to Marseille :

  • By plane: Marseille-Provence Airport is only 20 kilometers from the center, there are shuttles every 15 minutes.
  • By train: Paris is only 3 hours away in high-speed train (TGV). Marseille is also connected by railway with foreign countries such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and England.

How to get around in the city :

The public transportation in the city is pretty well organized, with 2 metro lines, 3 tramway lines and many buses. 
So don't worry if your host doesn't live close to a hospital, it's always easy to get from one place to another!


From June to August: Guiding visit with LEO or french students. There are at least two activities and one party per week.

  • Visit of the city of Marseille: Museums, emblematic areas such as the Old Port, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (famous church), shopping areas, beaches...
  • National Food and Drink Party at the beach: Here is the chance for everyone to share a piece of their culture (and food) in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Hikes in Marseille's Calanques, which are little rocky inlets with a nice panorama.
  • Visit of the city of Aix-en-Provence: Very typical city of Provence, it is only a half-hour bus ride from Marseille.
  • Cassis, Cap Canaille and its Calanques: Cassis is a city located 20 kilometers east of Marseille and has a very typical port, nice beaches, and a famous cliff called the Cap Canaille (pictured in the famous French movies), where you can watch the sunset!
And many others according to your wishes! Visit the city of Nice, of the Camargues region, we can arrange for you a trip to Paris... You'll know more when you arrive in the city :)

Note well: these are just suggestions, the Social Program will depend on the new LEO.


Le Vieux Port, le Panier, Marseille's Calanques, Castellane, Le Mucem, Islands and beaches near Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, La Ciotat, Marseille's dynamic Cours Julien where you can have a drink and chill after your clerkship...

An excellent level of French is required to do a clerkship in Marseille because most doctors only speak French. 

Don't forget to take your white coat and food from your country for International Dinner!

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us here: