France (ANEMF) - Dijon
All after the aproval of our heads of departments
Depends on the OG availability. But it’s usually in the summer., (from May to August for SCOPE), (really depends on the lab availability for SCORE: February March April June October November)
Two times a day : pocket money or given by the host student
You'll be placed at the OG's flat
We are very pleased to welcome you in this beautiful town!
The only specific exchange condition to be accepted in Dijon is to be ready to enjoy your journey!! or --> website of the medical students
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Mariam Zaimi
Dijon is the main town of Burgundy, located at about 1:30 from Paris by train and 3:00 by car; about 2:00 from Lyon by car and 4:00 from Strasbourg by car.

It's a university town with more than 30 000 students and great nightlife with a lot of bars and clubs. 
If you want to have a walk, the city is surrounded by nature with great landscapes. You will enjoy the vintages, Dijon's lake, and the forests. Moreover, Dijon and Burgundy are really famous in the world for their wine, mustard, and castles.
The CHU of Dijon is constitued by 15 different services and 1,800 beds. 

In 2018, it was 14th in the national ranking of health facilities. It's also recognized as the best French facility in the treatment of myocardial infarction. It is known for the treatment of stroke and in the field of oncology and research with the George Francois Leclerc Center.

The CHU of Dijon is a hospital also committed on a cultural point, in particular with the implementation of various cultural activities such as lullabies at the bedside of children in neonatal resuscitation by the choir of the Opera of Dijon.

(website :
CHU de Dijon (website :
We are now SCORE active since 2019 ;) 
You will get some pocket money from our local committee and the student lodging will also provide you with some food.
Of course, you can also bring more pocket money if you want to travel before or after your training course for example or for the Social Program. 
The European currency is the Euro. 
You will lodge in the flat of a student who also takes part in the exchange ! 
We have a large bus network, 2 tramway lines North-South, East-West going all around the city. You'll be given an unlimited pass by the LEO so that you can use the buses and tramways as you want during the month of your exchange. The downtown is mostly pedestrian and it's very nice to discover the town and walk in the different parks.
For more explanations:

The social program is organized by the LEO: it will depend on what you want to do but you can visit the city, museums, vintages, there may be a national food and drink party...
You can visit different towns around Dijon like Paris and Lyon too. 

And you'll taste specialties of the french gastronomy which are famous! Like the Mustard of Dijon, le Boeuf Bourguignon, snails...


Dijon's owl
Square Darcy with Pompon's Bear
Kir's Lake
Philippe Le Bon's Tower
"Porte Guillaume"
Colombière Park
Arquebuse Garden (with a planetarium)

Dijon is doubly recognized by Unesco on the one hand as the International City of Gastronomy and Wine and on the other hand for the climates of Burgundy vineyards. Resolutely turned towards innovation, the city of Dijon is today a leading figure of gastronomy and wine in France and in the world.

A great video of Dijon:

We are impatient to see you and to make your travel an incredible moment!
A bientôt à Dijon!