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Upon arrival: Health examination results not older than 3 months. Required health documents m
LEO Kuopio
Kuopio is a city located in the Eastern Finland. A population of a little over 117 000 makes it the eighth biggest city in the country. The distance to our capital, Helsinki, is 390 kilometres (4.5 hours by car, 1 hour by plane, 4-5 hours with the public transportation).

Kuopio is famous for kalakukko ("fish cock"), a delicious fish pastry served only in Northern Savonia area. The people - savolaiset as we call them - are as delicious as the fish cock: very laid-back, humorous and jovial. Notable events include ANTI Contemprorary Art Festival, Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio Rockcock, Kuopio Wine Festival, Kuopio Marathon and Finland Ice Marathon in winter.

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH), in Finnish "Kuopion yliopistollinen sairaala" (KYS) is located in the middle of the city. It is one of the five university hospitals. It has all major medical specialties represented. Please note, that we do not offer general surgery in Kuopio. All surgical units are specialized. Tips: If you like cardiology, our PCI/ICD/rhythm cardiology teams are quite fond of IFMSA exchange students. If you like neurosurgery, Kuopio University Hospital is the national leader in it.

The university hospital is located just next to our university. University of Eastern Finland has the biggest school of medicine in Finland. Each year almost 170 students starts their studies in the university. Our medical student association, KuoLO, is very active and organizes all kinds of fun to our students.

We are doing our everything to start Research Exchanges in Kuopio! Unfortunately SCOREs are not yet available in Kuopio.

One warm meal per day is served in the hospital for our exchange students. Vegetarian option is available every day.

Lodging is usually arranged in student apartments. Your contact person will tell you more about your accomodation and its necessities.


There are good connections from Kuopio to other cities: one can take a flight, a bus or a train. Kuopio also has good public bus transport but the best way to move from a place to another, especially during the summer, is by bike.

Exchange students get their own contact persons who will assist with arriving to your apartment and finding your way to the hospital at fist day. During summer social program is actively arranged by the local comittee and contact persons. There's also an All-Country-Weekend in summer in which all IFMSA-students in Finland are invited. More info coming soon!


In Kuopio we get to enjoy the beautiful nature all year around, as we are a part of the Finnish lake district. It doesn’t matter if you come here in the summer or wintertime, you should definitely visit the Puijo tower. In Puijo you get to see one of a kind Finnish views including lakes and the city of Kuopio. In Puijo you can also have dinner while enjoying the views!

In the summertime you can also take a cruise in the unique Finnish lake archipelago, with the boat carefully twisting around the islands, enjoying the coldness of a local brew beer in one hand and a selfie stick in the other. On the way to the harbor you might buy some delicious local food, such as “kalakukko”, from the Kuopio market square, Kuopion tori.

 If you are into sports, you should come and watch some local teams playing, KalPa as our hockey team and KuPS as a football team.


Students must pay a deposit of 50 EUR for the keys and fittings of the apartment. The money will be returned when student is leaving, if he/she returns the key and the apartment is in the same condition that it was before the exchange student arrived. 

Health examination results not older than 3 months. More information will be emailed to accepted students. Required Health Documents must be sent in advance.  Upon arrival: Health examination results not older than 3 months. Required health documents must be sent in advance. The following departments require you to send health documents 1 month before your arrival:

-Infectious diseases

Full health insurance covering the whole period of the clerkship is compulsory. It should cover expenses linked to health issues, e.g. if you have to see a doctor and buy drugs on prescription. For students from EU member countries the European health insurance card is enough.