Czech Republic (IFMSA CZ) - Prague, 3. LFUK
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January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
You will get money for food to spend wherever you wish (usually about 2000CZK)
Student flats, rented apartments and student accommodation
Students has to read and sign "Rules form".
Ekaterina Orlova

Hello, dear incoming student,

Are you thinking where to go for your exchange? Here are some tips why to come to Prague and 
choose 3rd faculty of medicine.

Our country and especially Prague itself can offer you all you can imagine – nice culture with 
impressive historical monuments, beautiful nature and unforgotable nightlife provide by huge 
number of clubs and pubs with very cheap beer of many brands of high quality :)

Also possition of our country is perfect for trips all around the europian countries as Germany, 
Austria, Hungary, Polland and others... and Prague airport make it even easier.

And why to choose us? We are friendly and ready to help you with everything you need. 

IFMSA – LC of the 3rd medical faculty offers almost all possible departments. Students will have their insternship in the FNKV (the Royal Vineyard hospital), which is located right next to the faculty building itself.
We offer both projects dealing more with the laboratory work and other projects that are oriented 
more clinically. Our tutors try hard to organize interesting program and engage you in work as much 
as possible. Most of the projects are situated in the clinics of the 3rd medical faculty’s associated 
hospital. The only exception is the cannabis project which takes place in the famous czech psychiatric 
hospital Bohnice. For further information please look up project details.

We offer following projects:
Diagnostic methods of Nuclear medicine in routine clinical work-up
Temporary and permanent coverage of severe skin losses (burn wounds)
Experimental therapy of opioid dependence with psychotronic drugs.
An assessment of tremor using accelerometer in healthy population
+Physiotherapy in multiple sclerosis review
Mental health of the ageing population in Europe
During your stay you will receive some amount of money (usually 2000 Kc) as your pocket 
money. You can spend this money on food at our hospital cafeteria that serves
traditional Czech food. The hospital cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch as well 
as dinner and serves food (first together with second meal) at a very good price. You can purchase meal number 4 or MINUTKA-prices vary from 75-95Kc per meal.

Also in your shared flat you will have a kitchen available to you so if you want 
then you can cook your own meals. 

We have a number of traditional dishes, which we would like to offer to you 
to try. One of them is called "knedlo-vepřo-zelo". This traditional meal is 
composed of pork meat (= vepřové), cabbage and our famous Czech dumplings 
(= knedlíky). Another meal that we would like to recommend you to try is "Svíčková".
One of the members of our team will pick you up upon arrival to Prague and will take you to your
accommodation and on Monday to your department.

Please note that if you arrive late at night (after around 22 o'clock), we won't be able to offer you a pick up service, so you will have to stay one night in a hostel/hotel. The next day one of our members will assist you to your accomodation.

Our LC provides housing for incoming students. You will usually stay in a dormitory with other incoming students and/or students from our faculties. Sleeping quarters for boys and girls are separate, however you might share a flat with girls AND boys. 

The accommodation is usually located within a good reach of a hospital or research facility and will always have a 
good public transport connection. They will also have a bathroom and a kitchen. Also bedsheets are provided :)
Prague offers several means of public transportation, buses, trams and also the 
most convenient one, a subway (metro) system. It is not all that difficult to get 
wherever whenever. Subway system runs from cca. 5AM til aprox. midnight (a 
bit longer on Fridays and Saturdays). Same goes for the buses and trams. 
Between midnight and 5AM there are special night trams and buses. These 
are not the same as the daytime buses and trams and they run only once or 
twice an hour, however they connect most of the city parts. As an incoming 
student, we will provide you with a 1-month public transportation ticket for a 
small fee, which is valid for everything - buses, trams and the subway network.

If you want to travel somewhere outside Prague and explore the beauty of the 
Czech Republic then we offer you the great bus and train service. Traveling by 
bus is often the quickest and most direct way to get to various cities. Trains 
are also a good way to travel, however sometimes they are more expensive. 
Bus and train service also offer trips to foreign countries such as German, 
Austria, Hungary… that gives you an opportunity to have a weekend away.
We try and organize a social program that will match your wants. We offer 
a variety of day events such as tour around Prague, going on a pub-crawl, 
seeing an ice hockey match (which is a very popular sport in our country) 
or going bowling together with the local students. Also sometimes we have 
international evening gatherings when everyone cooks something and 
afterwards gets to experience a different cuisine. 

Our best programs are during summer months since it's nice and warm. Please note that we are unable to provide you a sufficient social program during our EXAM period which is in late January-February and June, because we also need to study and pass our exams :)

Prague is a very nice and old city full of diferent architecture styles – from gotic to modern styles so
everyone can find here place of his/her interest :)
The most famous is Prague Castle. To see everything nice and important there I hardly recommend 
you more than one visit, you can just take a walk there (for free) or visit some interiers.
Also whole center of Prague is very beautiful and all old buildings are there almost on one place – 
Charles bridge, Old Town Square, Wenceslas square, ...
I also recommend you not to miss Vysehrad castle, from legend is even older than Prague castle.