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Klara Pribanova

2nd Medical Faculty is one of five medical faculties of the Charles University, the oldest university in central Europe, founded 1348. Historically, it was Faculty of Children Medicine.

Actually, there study about 1200 students in these programms: medicine, physiotherapy, nursing, laboratory assistant and PhD in biomedicine. Master study of medicine is available also in English.

Research is integral and important part of the faculty - faculty members are authors and coauthors of about 140 publications per year. Between research areas belongs childrens malignitiestype I. diabetes (second link), genetic of hereditary diseases, cystic fibrosis,stemm cells and reparative medicine, infections, gynaecological malignities in pregnancy, gynaecooncological surgery, immunodeficiencies, anticancer immunotherapy, children epileptology, Alzheimer disease, pathology of neuromuscular disieses and others.


Motol Hospital

Faculty seats in Motol Hospital, the biggest hospital in the Czech Republic (about 2 500 patients per year), located in border of Prague. Is unique by its part for children - children with many diagnosis are centralised here (cystic fibrosis, type I. diabetes, tumours, after organ transplantations). Except stated, there is complete excellent service for adult patients. Quality of medical care reaches very high level comparable with the best centers in Europe and in the world.

reqiurements: HepB, TBC test, Health Insurance

Military University Hospital

The hospital currently has ten clinics and 20 specialized departments, many of them collaborate on training medical students in medical schools. The hospital is equipped with modern technology and reflects contemporary trends in medicine.

Hep ABC, TBC test, Health Insurance, HIV test, Doctor's Letter (statement from the GP you are fit for your internship), special hospital forms (will be send via email)


Boarding in the hospital: there is a restaurant for employees and students (approx 60 CZK per meal). Except that, you can find many shops in the Central Hall of the hospital (20C ZK per 0,5 drink, 20-50 CZK per baguette), cafeteria (25 CZK per coffee, 100 CZK a meal), coffee machine (12 CZK/drink).

Cooking in the dormitory: easy and cheap. You can find a supermarket near the dormitory. Prices: bread 20 CZK, butter 18 CZK, apples (1kg) 30C ZK, chicken breast (1kg) 140 CZK, ham (100g) 16 CZK, cheese (100g) 16 CZK, juice (1l) 25 CZK, pasta (500g) 15 CZK.



Accommodation of incomings at 2nd faculty is usually in the student's dormitory "Hvězda", 10 minutes by bus from Motol Hospital, 25 minutes from the airport Ruzyně. 


Prague offers several means of public transportation, buses, trams and also the 
most convenient one, a subway (metro) system. It is not all that difficult to get 
wherever whenever. Subway system runs from cca. 5AM til aprox. midnight (a 
bit longer on Fridays and Saturdays). Same goes for the buses and trams. 
Between midnight and 5AM there are special night trams and buses. These 
are not the same as the daytime buses and trams and they run only once or 
twice in an hour, however they connect most of the city parts. As an incoming 
student, we will provide you with a 1-month public transportation ticket for a 
small fee, which is valid for everything...buses, trams and the subway network.
If you want to travel somewhere outside Prague and explore the beauty of the 
Czech Republic then we offer you the great bus and train service. Traveling by 
bus is often the quickest and most direct way to get to various cities. Trains 
are also a good way to travel, however sometimes they are more expensive. 
Bus and train service also offer trips to foreign countries such as German, 
Austria, Hungary… that gives you an opportunity to have a weekend away.

There is a vast selection of social program available during the summer months, in Prague as well as in other cities. Prague is also a great location to explore our neighboring countries from. 

Social program in other months is limited, but there is a social program by the LCs and Contact Persons as well.
Prague is a very nice and old city full of different architecture styles – from gothic to modern styles so
everyone can find here place of his/her interest :)
The most famous is Prague Castle. To see everything nice and important there I strongly recommend to
you more than one visit, you can just take a walk there (for free) or visit some museums and such.
Also whole of the center of Prague is very beautiful and all old building are there almost in one place – 
Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, ...
I also recommend not to miss Vysehrad castle, from legend is even older than Prague castle.

Please know that we reserve the right to change the details of the clerkship (for example department), you will be informed if any changes should occur.

Please also note that we reserve the right to exclude anyone from the internship who will misbehave or breaks the rules of accommodation, department or the exchange. Thank you.