Czech Republic (IFMSA CZ) - Plzen
Internal medicine, Gynecology, Cardiovascular medicine, Gastrointestinal surgery, Dermatology, Surgery - General, Anaesthesia, Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emergency medicine, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Surgery - Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Surgery - Plastical Surgery, Surgery - Transplantation surgery, Traumatology
July, August, September, other months on demand
1500 CZK- pocket money 1
Student dormitory: Kolej Boleveck
Students has to read and sign "Rules form".
Rachel Sajdlov


Pilsen is the 4th biggest city in the Czech Republic and westernmost slavic university city. It is placed on a confluence of four rivers (M

Our faculty was established in 1945 as one of the faculties of Charles University in Prague (CUNI).  The pilsner faculty ( has about 2000 student (cca 500 foreingners). The purpose of our faculty is to produce people with high-quality education, who are able to work properly both at the  clinic and  research.  There are many academic departments both for research or proffesional exchanges, which can offer a lot for everyone. Since year 2014, there is a modern biomedical center focused on  research in transplantation medicine organ regeneration( The proffesional exchanges are situated in one these hospitals (so called „FN“): FN Lochotín or FN Bory ( The language during the internship is english, but some doctors also know german or russian. The patients will probably speak czech with you, but don‘t be afraid! The doctors will help you, so you will understand it.
As mentioned above, there is a new biomedical center with research focused on organ transplantation( The other goals of the research are: Optimalization of dialysis treatment during renal insufficiency, Prevention of virus infections, Morphological and functional organ ganges during MODS, etc. There is also one of the best neurophysiological laboratories operated by Karel Je
You will get some pocket money cca 1500 CZK (50 €, 70 USD). Public transportation secured

There are two student dormitories: Kolej Bolevcká or ŠAF. Both of them are close to the school, hospital, public transport or to local well known student pub/club. You will be provided with DOUBLE ROOM , with bathroom, refrigerator,  cooker, laundry, ping-pong, there is also a small meshita(for muslim students) no wi-fi in the room.


First  of all: There is no posibility to pick you up at the airport, but don’t worry, it is quite easy to get to Pilsen from Prague airport( The airport is situated on city suburbs, so you need to take a  BUS  119(AE =Airport Express Bus), which will bring you to city center („Dejvická“ steet). There, you must choose a metro station, which brings you to the main BUS station (so called „Florenc“)  or Railway station (so called „Hlavní nádra

There is a welcome dinner, on the beginning of our social program. You will also have plenty of evenings and  parties during the internship. We also have a common program for whole Czech Republic . Of, course, there is a possibility to make trips and spend weekends in other cities in Czech Republic or in german border areas (Nürnberg, Regensburg etc.). During the school year is plenty of parties made by medical students or students on Erasmus program. The advice is: „Choose what you wish and enjoy !“

Worth-visiting places in Pilsen are: St. Bartolomeu cathedral with the hitghest durch tower in Czech Republic. Are you interested in technology ?. Than a „Techmania“ is a place dedicated to you. A „Techmania“ is a place where you can see interesting and entertaining things. If you are even more  interested in technical affairs a Škoda factory, which forms a part of the city can offer you a lot. Aside from machines and spinning gearwheels, you can also visit a Dinopark, where are models of dinosaurs in their life‘s size. It’s necessary to mention, that Pilsen have one of the most famous breweries, so if you’re keen on beer, this is a right place for you. J Another nice places are various pubs, restarants and cafes throughout the whole Pilsen. Expecially a „Stará sladovna“ wiht typice Old czech cosine, Pub- where you are your own barkeeper and „beerkeeper“  and a restaurant in the Scyscraper with its wonderful view on the city. Pilsen also has plenty of cyclo-tracks going in its surroundings or out from the city.

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White coat or white hospital clothing is required. Have your ISIC always with you and bring your stethoscope. You must have your insurance card and proof of vaccination.