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Students have to read and sign a "Rules form".
Kristián Lux Kateřina Vojtěchová

Hradec Kralove is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in East Bohemia. It is
located in the lowland plain of the river, Labe. It is about 100 kilometers away from the 
capital city, Prague. The town lays at the confluence of two rivers – Labe and Orlice. 
With the population of almost 100 000 inhabitants, the city is ranked amongst ten 
Czech largest cities. Around Hradec Kralove (within reach of 30 to 50 km) there are a 
lot of other historical monuments, especially many beautiful castles, and the famous 
Krkonose - Giant Mountains (with a natural reservation) are approximately 80 km away 
from the town.

The history of the city stretches back to the Middle Ages. The origin of the city dates 
back to the year 1225. Hradec Kralove was at that time a royal fortress town and had 
already become the centre of the medieval East Bohemia. It has maintained its 
importance since then, for example during the Hussite movement, later as the Bishop’s 
seat or as a military fortress during the battle at Chlum in 1866. Its unique collection of 
historical sites and structures consists of gothic, renaissance and baroque monuments. 
The city also takes pride in its modern architecture from the 20th century. The 
masterpieces of such architects as Gocar or Kotera and others contributed greatly to 
Hradec , obtaining it its title -  'The Salon of the Republic'.
The city is home to one of the Czech Republic's leading orchestras, the Hradec Králové
Philharmonic Orchestra. There are several theatres as well.


Hradec Kralove is a university town. There's University of Hradec Kralove, a branch of
University of Defense and last but not least - two faculties of Charles University in 
Prague - Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacology. There are about 1500 
students currently enrolled at the medical faculty, more than 300 of them are 
foreigners. They study General Medicine and Dentistry for the most part, but are other
programmes as 

There is one teaching hospital in our town - University Hospital in Hradec Kralove. The 
hospital is currently the biggest employer in East Bohemia. It's quite nice, most 
buildings are either new or under reconstruction. It also has an Educational Centre with 
study rooms and library for the students. The hospital area is quite big but we provide 
maps ;) 

At present the University Hospital Hradec Kralove ranks among the most significant 
health facilities in the Czech Republic.
It serves as a centre of the highest level for a large area populated by up to approx. 
1,000,000 residents and its many departments provide care for patients from the entire Czech 
Republic. The hospital is an important centre of training for doctors and secondary 
school educated medical workers.

Every year, about 42,000 patients are admitted to 21 clinics with about 1,500 beds and 
approximately 660,000 people are treated as outpatients. The hospital employs over 
3,800 workers, of which 2,800 are in medical occupations, including 520 physicians. A 
number of doctors engaged in the University Hospital Hradec Kralove hold important 
positions in specialized medical societies of the CZ, several are members of foreign 
professional companies and are successful also in the field of medical research.

For the clerkship you'll need white clothes - you can either be all in white 
(trousers and t-shirt or a set of white scrubs) or you can wear your regular
clothes with a white coat (!MUST BE KNEE-LENGTH!). We strongly recommend the first option.
Indoor shoes
are a must (preferably white) and you should bring a stethoscope.



We provide enough pocket money to cover one meal a day.


The students are accommodated at the student dorms where all the other students 
live. However during summer months the dorms are almost empty. The rooms are 
double, you don't need to bring bed sheets. Towels are not provided. There is a 
common bathroom (separated for men and women of course) and a kitchen on each 
floor. There are no dorm-provided dishes in the kitchen - we provide some basics, but
if you need anything special, bring it with you, or you can buy some cheap kitchenware here.
Washing machines and drying racks are available. There's wi-fi in the rooms.
There is also a small garden where you can barbecue.
Usually we try to accommodate all the exchangees on one floor.
The hospital is 10 - 15 minutes away (walking distance). Shopping centre is 5 minutes away.


There are basically just two options how to get to Hradec Kralove.

1.By train: You'll need to get from the airport to the main train station (Praha Hlavni 
Nadrazi). There's an airport to train station shuttle bus every 30 minutes. 
(Here's the link:

From the train station there's a direct train Prague --> Hradec Kralove,
the journey takes about 1h30min and costs 105 CZK (about 4 euros)

Here is a link to a very useful website with trains, buses, basically all the public 
transport in Czech Republic. It's very reliable and there's an English translation.

2.By bus:
Here's a company that goes from Prague to Hradec by coach. You'll need to get from 
the airport to Cerny Most station. It is the terminal station of metro line B (yellow). You 
can use the previous site to look up connections from the airport to Cerny Most. There 
are only 3 metro lines in Prague so it shouldn't be very confusing. The price for the bus 
is very similar maybe even the same and the journey is just 15 minutes shorter.

The bus might be more comfy but from the airport it's probaly easier to get to the train
station so it really depends on your preferences, whichever you feel more comfortable 
with - I strongly recommend the train though, as you need to travel less and it goes
every hour, which means no need to book tickets (the trains are usually fairly empty).

For further information, contact the LEO or your contact person.




During the summer we organize social program - trips during the weekends, parties, 
dinners, etc. during the weekdays. We always do a welcome dinner with the new group 
of incomings allowing us to get to know each other and for you to taste what czech 
cuisine has to offer. There are barbecues, 
National Food and Drink Party, bowling and laser games, paintball, rope-climbing centre,
trips to Kutna Hora, Adršpach (natural rock town). The detailed social program plan will be sent
to our incomings in time. And obviously we are happy to help with any trips or plans our 
students are doing on their own.


White tower
Former renaissance bell tower completed in 1589. In the tower you can find the second 
biggest bell in Czech Republic, called St. Augustine. With its unusual timekeeping 
system, where the longer hand shows hours and the shorter hand shows minutes, the 
White tower becomes a top-tourist city attraction. The tower is 71.5 metres high. From 
the top you can admire the wonderful view of Hradec Kralove and its surroundings. 
The name of the tower name derives from the material used – white stone.

Museum of Eastern Bohemia

The monumental museum building, national cultural landmark, was realised according 
to the project of the architect Jan Kotera in 1909 - 1912.

Elbe steamers
Unique steamers such as Primator and Queen Eliska or the Pirate’s sailing boat drift 
along the waters of the Elbe River. The one-hour sightseeing cruise provides an 
unusual view of Hradec Kralove´s landmarks and the romantic corners of the Elbe 
( - webpage unfortunately not available in English)

Observatory and Planetarium
Apart from evening observations of the sky this establishment also offers numerous
programmes and attractions.

The city aquacentre is a significant monument of the urban architecture of the 30´s of 
last century. You can enjoy an aquapark with many attractions and simulated waves, a 
50 meters long swimming pool, pool for small children, sauna, steam room and other 
water attractions.
( - webpage unfortunately not available in English)

Summer outdoor pool
( - webpage unfortunately not available in English)


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