Chile (IFMSA-Chile) - Santiago de Chile – Universidad Andres Bello
Pediatrics, General Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine General
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LEO UNAB Santiago

Welcome to Hospital El Pino, here is where we make most of our clinical practices, so you will get lots of contact with our students during your stay, which we believe will highly enhance your stay, since you will be able to discuss a lot about our medical education system, as well as you support each other in reaching your study goals. Also our doctors are quite compromised with our education, so you will be highly encouraged to keep your performance to the max and make the most of your stay, encouraging you to feel almost as the doctor in charge, but always tutored so you don't feel completely alone with all the responsibilities to carry on. 

Our hospital is located in the middle of a risk population, thought might sound harsh, it is quite good for education, since you get to see a lot of diverse pathologies and very open patients to talk with you and get the better outcome. It's important to remark that our University takes important security measures, such as providement of a transportation bus both for arrival and departure every day, also disposal of a residence with guards, where you can leave all your stuff quite secure, go have lunch, or also just hang out with your new partners 


The University Andrés Bello (in Spanish “Universidad Andrés Bello) commonly referred as UNAB, its a private University which has 3 campus located in the cities of Santiago de Chile, Viña del Mar and Concepción. Medicine is imparted on the 3 campus. The University has it origins in 1988, and it's one of the biggest private Universities of Chile.

  • Hospital el Pino
  • Hospital de San Antonio


We don't receive SCORE students

Provided by a host family, 2 times per day.



Provided by a Host family. It might happen that during peak months (January, July or August) we aren't able to provide host families to all the students, and  in that case a dorm with pocket money ($2000 per worked day) will be provided.



Santiago has differents ways of public transportation which you can see on this list:

  • Metro:  it's the most common way of transportation, It has 7 lines and it's the second largest metro in latin america after Ciudad de México. On the 2021 the yellow line will open a new station called “Hospital el Pino”, so the metro will leave you on the entrance of the Hospital.
  • Metro-Tren: a suburban train that goes all the way from Estación Central to Nos, you can also get to the Hospital through here, you get of in Estacion Lo Blanco and take the G14 micro that leaves you on the entrance of the hospital
  • Transantiago
  • Taxis
  • Uber/Cabify/Didi

Chile has a very good and organized Social Program, and Santiago has the best one in our country. Each week during the exchange you will participate in different activities that our LEOs have prepared for you, like visiting different museums like “el Museo de la memoria”  where you can see important events that happened in times of dictatorship, local activities such as Bar la Piojera,  and different activities that will immerse you in our culture. 

  • Cerro San Cristobal
  • Cerro Santa Lucía
  • Cerro Manquehue
  • Museo de la Memoria
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Cajón del Maipo
  • La moneda
  • La piojera
  • Parque Quinta Normal
  • Templo Bahai