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Availability might change during the year
Availability might change during the year
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LEO UM Temuco

Welcome to Temuco!
Temuco is the capital of the Araucanía region, a region characterized by its beautiful landscapes from the sea to the mountains, the recognition of the Mapuche culture and many places to visit. If you come to Temuco you will be received with the typical affection of southern Chile, that is a lot of delicious typical food, people who will always help and a welcoming atmosphere.

In general it is a city with a lot of social activity (restaurants, clubs, nightlife), and it is close to many places to walk. Especially if you come in September, you will participate in our national holidays one of the most important and entertaining festivities in our country!


Universidad Mayor Temuco is one of the main universities in the region, being the first autonomous private university to found a regional headquarters. In our university different Health, Sciences, Humanists and Arts careers are taught, being the Medicine Career one of the most important and recognized within the region.

The university has a clinical simulation center and 3 clinical fields of medium complexity:

  • Hospital de Lautaro
  • Hospital de Victoria
  • Hospital de Pitrufquén
We don't receive SCORE students

Provided by a host family, 2 times per day.


Provided by a Host family. It might happen that during peak months (January, July or August) we aren't able to provide host families to all the students, and  in that case a dorm with pocket money ($2000 per worked day) will be provided.


In Temuco there are different bus lines (“micros”) and taxis (“colectivos”) that run through the city. The University has its own buses to reach the clinical fields, which will take you to the hospital and back to the city. It is necessary to get to the University to take the buses, which have different departure times depending on the clinical field. This information will be given by the LEO of the university.

  • International dinner
  • Exit to Cerro Ñielol
  • Heritage outing (Museums, Plaza de Armas, city center)
  • Trip to Villarrica-Pucón
  • Germán Becker Stadium Park
  • Conguillio National Park
  • Visit City of Valdivia
  • Huerquehue National park
  • Corralco Ski Center
  • Cerro Ñielol National Monument: it is one of the main tourist points of the city within the city. It is the highest point of the city and in it you can see different species of flora and fauna characteristic of the region, as well as important historical and cultural landmarks of Temuco.
  • Temuco Regional Museum: The Temuco museum is in charge of preserving and exhibiting the different historical pieces of our region, especially the Mapuche culture, which is very present to this day.
  • Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum: the museum is a national monument and houses the Casa de Máquinas, an exhibition of different models of locomotives and machines dating from 1900. It is also possible to see the Carbonera, and the art gallery that houses pieces internationally renowned.
  • Perpetuo Socorro Temuco Parish: one of the oldest churches in Temuco, marked by a German influence mixed with a romantic style. In its beginnings it was called "Parroquia Ferroviaria" because of its proximity to the train station.
  • Barrio estación: it is the historic neighborhood of Temuco, where it is possible to see the first stories of the city. In this place it is possible to see the Pinto Fair, the Marsano building, Temuco central station and more
  • Germán Becker Baechler Municipal Stadium: it hosted the 2008 U-20 Women's World Cup, the 2013 Youth Rugby World Trophy and the 2015 Copa América. It is located within the Germán Becker Municipal Park.
  • Destacamento de Montaña n°8 “Tucapel”:its name is in honor of a feared Mapuche warrior, and it is located in the oldest town of Temuco where today it is used as a military regiment.
  • Pabellón Araucanía: It is an open cultural center where you can see different artisan products, cultural elements and local producers.
  • National Parks: Parque Nacional Conguillio, Parque Nacional Huerquehue, Parque Nacional Malalcahuello, Reserva Nacional China Muerta, Reserva Nacional Alto Bío-Bío, Santuario El Cañi.
  • Zona Costera de la Araucanía: Puerto Saavedra, Puerto Domínguez, Carahue- Imperial.
  • Villarrica-Lican Ray-Pucón City
  • Valdivia City

Bus Terminal - Rodoviario Temuco: Vicente Pérez Rosales 01609, Temuco, Araucanía (15 minutes by car)

Airport - Aeropuerto Araucanía: Longitudinal Sur km 692, Freire (30 minutes by car)

Student bus fare (within the city): $180 CLP

Taxi fare: $600 CLP

Distance to Villarrica: 1 h 10 min.

Distance to Valdivia: 2 h 15 min.