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Availability might change during the year
Availability might change during the year

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Hello future incoming student!!

We are more than pleased to welcome you in the city Valparaíso! Is located about 120 kilometres (75 mi) northwest of Santiago by road and is one of the south Pacific's most important seaports, is the most colorful and one of the most relaxed cities in Chile. This Bohemian city, maze of hills has long inspired poets and writers. You’ll discover something new at every turn: a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery or some little gastronomic ‘find’.  Valparaiso is the regional capital and it is recognized for its historic center which is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2003


The University of Valparaíso (UV) is a state public university in Chile, with its headquarters and the majority of its campuses in the city of Valparaíso. It has several other campuses in the Valparaiso Region of Chile. UV is heir to the most longstanding higher education tradition in Valparaiso and its region.

Hospital Gustavo Fricke is a high complexity hospital and is the most complex establishment of Viña del Mar. It is a national reference center for heart transplantation and cardiovascular Surgery, also receives referrals from the entire network in pediatric hematology and oncology fissures and extreme prematurity. The hospital has 440 beds distributed in 345 basic care, 17 for patients with acute pathologies and 78 for critical patients. It has all the medical specialties, except neurosurgery

Hospital Carlos Van Buren is the main hospital in Valparaíso Region and is located on San Ignacio street, on Avenida Colón in the city of Valparaíso. Currently the Hospital has specialists to provide care in all medical services, except for patients referred for surgery, which are controlled in the Adult and Specialties Clinic to later be operated at the Valparaíso Hospital. In 2002, the Carlos Van Buren Hospital has a healthcare provision of 279 doctors, so much that the number of officials reaches 1351 people, thus adding a total of 1630 Health workers.

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Provided by a host family, 2 times per day.


Provided by a Host family. It might happen that during peak months (January, July or August) we aren't able to provide host families to all the students, and  in that case a dorm with pocket money ($2000 per worked day) will be provided.


Valparaiso has a few different options when it comes to transport: Public bus, Trolleybus, Funiculars, Colectivos, Private taxi and Uber

The public buses are actually very easy to use when you know how and are the cheapest option for getting anywhere in the city. There are a huge number of buses running different routes through Valparaiso and beyond, and all roughly every 10-15 mins. The bus drivers get paid per customer, so although there are a few clearly labelled bus stops/ paradas, the buses will actually stop anywhere. Just stick your arm out to wave it down, and they’ll pull over! 

Colectivos are shared taxis and are a great idea – these taxis have signs on the top which state the direction of travel. If you know which area you are staying in, just look for a taxi going in that direction and stick your hand out. If they have space in the car, they’ll stop to pick you up. You’ll need to tell the driver where you are going and you’ll get dropped right outside. The cost should be around 2000-3000 CLP.


It usually includes

  • Tour in Alegre and Conception Hills and funiculars 
  • Boat ride in the port 
  • Visit to Barón pier 
  • Trip to differents places in Viña del Mar
  • Party night in Valparaiso or Viña del Mar 
  • Alegre and Conception Hills: Lose yourself in Valparaiso's hills and discover the stories hiding in its staircases, funiculars (elevators that run on rail tracks) and quaint houses. Take the El Peral funicular, where at the top you'll be welcomed by the beautiful Paseo Yugoslavo and Baburizza Palace, home to the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Enjoy the landscape while looking out over the bay of this main port or try the delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood in the local restaurants
  • La Sebastiana, House-Museum of Pablo Neruda: La Sebastiana, a 4 floor building which was the poet’s hideout. Iconic for the port, be taken away by its decor and collectibles, which Neruda gathered on his trips around the world. Come and relive the Nobel Prize winner’s life, surrounded by memories and nostalgia
  • Funiculars: Valparaiso invites you to visit its hills, but it doesn’t want you to get tired out! Step into its famous funiculars (elevators built on rail tracks) and visit the heights of the main port. Take the Artilleria Funicular up to Paseo 21 de Mayo to enjoy a privileged view of the bay. If you are an astronomy enthusiast, discover where the first astronomical observatory was built when stepping off the Cordillera Funicular.
  • Viña del Mar: If I had to describe Viña del Mar to you, I would tell you it’s Valparaiso’s polar opposite. Valparaiso is colourful, creative, and a little rough around the edges, whereas Viña del Mar is monochromatic, chic, and a bit wealthier. It’s a super easy day trip or a nice weekend escape if you have a bit more time. The two cities are only 8 kilometres apart and you can easily get there with the above ground metro system that goes along the beach.
  • Valparaiso’s climate is Mediterranean with clouds, with dry summers and mild winters. The annual average temperature is 13° C, and rainfall is more frequent during the winter, where strong winds also appear with a very cold wind chill.
  • Valparaíso Map ( is by far the best map of this notoriously hard-to-navigate city, while Ascensores de Valparaíso ( has an interactive map of the city's old lifts. Look for print maps at hotels and tourist information kiosks
  • App Moovit: Is a cross-platform mass transit app. Its precision makes it an essential app for straphangers. This lets you route your trip or search for real-time arrival information at any bus stop or train station in your city