Canada (CFMS) - Edmonton
All except OB/GYN, Emergency, Family (sports), Dermatology
All dates
Not included
At an apartment/house of a local medical student, arranged by the LEO.
For up to date requirements please consult the AFMC student portal, pay special attention to the specific conditions for CFMS/IFMSA students (https://www.afm
University of Alberta LEO
Edmonton is the beautiful capital city of the province of Alberta and is situated in the centre of the province.  Edmonton is known as the River City because it hosts the largest urban river valley in the world that offers a wide variety of popular recreational activities such as golfing, hiking, biking, running, outdoor exercise classes and much more.  Edmonton is also known as the festival city because it plays host to more festivals than any other Canadian city. Heritage Days and the Edmonton Fringe Festival are among the Summer's largest, but events occur all year round. With attractions such as the former largest shopping mall in the world, beautiful botanical gardens, two year-round farmers markets and trendy, bar filled Whyte and Jasper Avenues, Edmonton has much to offer exchange students.  The university area also has a lot to offer in the way of live performances, concerts and lectures and is very centrally located making most of the major attractions highly accessible. Also, being only a few hours drive from Jasper and Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains means that students can easily escape to the mountains for weekends of hiking and camping in summer or skiing in the winter.

Edmonton boasts a nationally prestigious hospital and teaching facility in the University of Alberta Hospitals.  Students can take electives in the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, a world renowned institute that specializes in cardiac medicine.  In addition, with the construction of the new Edmonton Clinical Health Academy next to the hospital, students are able to participate in exciting clinical research while engaging in clerkship duties.  Nevertheless, students cannot go wrong with other departments because the University of Alberta places heavy emphasis on teaching and research in all areas of medicine, providing a supportive learning environment that is both challenging and exciting! 

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And coming soon the brand new Strathcona Community Hospital (

Please see SCORE project database.
The student will be provided $100 pocket money in lieu of boarding.
Incoming students can typically expect to stay in fully-furnished flats or houses near the University or train line in the rooms of local medical students. Accommodations are arranged by the LEO..

For the most part we are able to find housing which is walking distance from the hospital and from grocery stores but public transit can be used to explore the rest of Edmonton

website for Edmonton Transit System (ETS): includes buses and trains:

Public transport is great for getting to central locations in the city including malls, the University of Alberta Hospital and seeing the downtown sights!

Bus pass: $89 CAD. Used for 1 month only but has unlimited use on the train and the bus

Single ticket: $3.20 CAD.  Single use for 90 minutes only.  Can be used on train and bus

Taxi booking: à not really needed unless for special circumstances

We have lovely group of volunteers who organize a variety of events for our incoming students, including a welcome dinner, tour of our most well-known places and local festivals.

Visit Whyte Avenue for boutique shopping, coffee on the street and people watching. For more intense shopping and almost anything else you can think of, head over to West Edmonton Mall to shop, eat, golf, swim or ride the indoor roller coaster. For the art enthusiasts, the new Edmonton Gallery opened recently downtown next to City Hall and in the heart of the arts district. And whether you’re outdoors inclined or not, getting out to see the river valley is a must. Finally, for the history and science buffs, check out the Royal Alberta Museum, Fort Edmonton, and Telus World of Science.


1) '''How the Exchange Works in the Hospital Department''
 Exchange students are treated as clerkship students and expectations will differ based on the department you are placed in. Once placement is confirmed, exchange students will be able to communicate with a contact person within the department to learn more about specific duties and expectations.

2) '''Visas and How to Obtain Them'''

 Refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for visa information

3) '''Exchange Conditions'''
 In addition to completing the IFMSA/CFMS documents, incoming students must also submit Immunization forms and U of A-specific application forms

4) '''Average Living Expenses per Month''' 
 Living expenses depend considerably on your lifestyle (as with anywhere else). A bus pass for the month will run you $85 CAD, while food depends dramatically on where you shop and if you are willing to put the effort into packing a lunch or prefer to eat out ($300-$800 CAD). Entertainment costs again are highly variable but if you’re a social butterfly, who is out and active every weekend, plan on another $500 or so. Of course any excursions out the mountains will run you considerably more.  Barebones camping for a weekend in Jasper will still be a few hundred unless you find a generous soul willing to give you a lift—and if you’re lucky enough to, please chip in for gas!

5) '''Eating, Drinking and Playing in Edmonton'''
 Edmonton is a wonderful place to be if you are a food enthusiast! We have the greatest number of restaurants per capita than any other city in Canada. Many of our restaurants have been showcased for their unique and exceptional cuisine on the Food Network’s own “You Gotta Eat Here” television show.
 Of all the restaurants in Edmonton, some of our favorites are:
 Tres Carnales Taqueria – new Mexican restaurant that just opened downtown that already has an impressive reputation (featured on the Food Network)
 Thanh Thanh Oriental Noodle House - Located in downtown and specializing in Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, it is one of the most famous asian restaurants in Edmonton
 Highlands kitchen - Another great restaurant featured on the Food Network. Known especially for its Ukranian-Canadian flavour to its unique dishes
 Blue Plate Diner – great food and very vegetarian friendly
 Hudson’s Canadian Tap House – for convenience from campus and a ‘real Canadian bar’ experience
 For more information on Edmonton restaurants, Urbanspoon is a great resource to find the kind of restaurant you are looking for: