Bulgaria (AMSB) - Plovdiv
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All year except January, September and December
Student canteen
Student dormitory
We accept ONLY in calendar months. If you need to come at a different time, please contact us first.
Pepelov Todor
Hello and Welcome to Plovdiv! Thank you for choosing to spend your exchange

in this great historical city. Plovdiv has a lot to offer and we are here to help you get the

most of it so you are sure in for a treat!
The Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was established in

1945. It includes the Faculties of Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, a

Department of Languages and Specialized training, a medical college and a hospital with

2000 beds. Facilities include laboratories, clinics and units for diagnostics and treatment,

research activities and training of medical and dental students. The Central University Library

offers the students 170,000 volumes in many languages as well as an Internet hall and a local

net system. Every year over 3800 Bulgarian and foreign students are trained at the Medical University - Plovdiv.

University Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “St. George”is the first large hospital in

the southern Bulgarian region and it was built in 1879. In 1945, the hospital was declared a

faculty hospital of the medical university of Plovdiv, serving as a place to educate the

prestigious professors, assistants, and students of the newly founded university. From the

beginning, the university hospital has always strived to have advanced and up-to-date

equipment. The hospital is divided into two bases, which are interconnected. It features

departments in general surgery, cardiac surgery, urology, neurology, obstetrics and

gynecology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, orthopedics and traumatology, endocrinology,

gastroenterology, oto-rhino-laryngology,, neurosurgery, infectious diseases, hematology,

skin and venereal diseases, pediatrics, psychiatry, and ophthalmology cardiology.
The University Project Centre at MU Plovdiv provides

methodical, administrative, informational and consultant help of the structures of the

university and project committees for the successful participation of scientific projects in

Intra-university, national and international competitions. In the course of  the affirmation of

MU-Plovdiv as an educational and scientific centre with national, regional and international

significance expansion, optimization and increasing the efficiency were intended and as a result we expect:

1. Significant improvement of the project activity and the final results from it ( successful

participation in national and international  competitions).

2. Increasing the amount of acquired financial means for scientific research.

Medical University of Plovdiv has at its desposal a Laboratory of Clinical Immunology,

Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology and many others.
Our university has a modern canteen which offers traditional Bulgarian meals at

a very reasonable price. There is the same canteen right outside of the dorms. Unfortunately

they do not work in August. However, the restaurants in Plovdiv are really cheap compared

to the western standards.
Medical University of Plovdiv has at its desposal two student dorms. One of which

is located very close to the University Hospital “St. George” at 2 “Tsarevets” str.. It has two

blocks both of which have 16 floors. The dorm has recently been renovated with only double

rooms and each room has its own sanitation and internet connection.
Taxi rates in Plovdiv are really cheap probably the cheapest of all the big

cities in Bulgaria. There is also regular public transport. The cost for the bus ticket is 1 lev.
We provide one of the best and entertaining social programs, including a

National Social Program, where we bring together all incoming students from all the 6

medical faculties. Not only do we organise an unforgettable trip to the notorious Bulgarian

seaside, but also allow the incoming students to soak up the traditional, ancient atmosphere

and try out the delicious national cuisine in some of the oldest towns of the country. The

Local social program includes sightseeing, trips, outdoor activities and of course great

Some of the more interesting sites from the Roman Period include the Roman

Theatre that is nestled in the heart of the ancient Old Town of Plovdiv, a historic

preservation site known for its Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style. The spectator

seats of the theater are oriented to the south, overlooking the city with views of the

Rhodope Mountains that span the southern fringe of Bulgaria and continue all the way to

Greece. The marble stones and towering colonnade of the reconstructed stage stand out in

the semi circle theater, also known as The Amphitheatre. Along with the theatre, the Old

Town, formed by three of the seven hills, is home to magnificent houses turned into

museums from the 19th century. The unique architecture in combination with the vivid

artwork, wood carved ceilings, and spacious, vibrant courtyards showcase the once bustling

For more information about the sights of plovdiv you can

visit http://oldplovdiv.com/en/