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Boa Vista is the capital of the Brazilian state of Roraima. Situated on the western bank of the River Branco, the city lies 220 km (136 mi) away from Brazil's border with Venezuela. It is the only Brazilian capital located entirely north of the equator.

Boa Vista is the most populous municipality in the state of Roraima;[1] approximately half of the population of the state lives in the city. Commerce mostly occurs with Manaus, the capital of the State of Amazonas. Business also takes place between Boa Vista and with the cities of Lethem, in Guyana and Santa Elena de Uairén, in Venezuela. These two foreign cities are the only major cities that can be accessed from Boa Vista by road, although roads connect other smaller state municipalities with the capital city. Travel by airplane is the only means of transportation with other regions of the country.

As a modern city, Boa Vista stands out among the other capitals of the North Region of Brazil as it is a planned city with a radial plan. It was planned by the architect Darci Aleixo Derenusson who based his design for the city on one that is similar to that of Paris, France.[citation needed] The city was built under the direction of Captain Ene Garcez, the first governor of Roraima.

Federal University of Roraima was the first university of our state and it was created in 1989. Today, we have about 30 courses of graduation.


The University Way of Teaching: Problem Based Learned

The method of education in Medicine course at UFRR is the PBL - Problem Based Learning, from 1st to 4th years. The last two years (5th and 6th), we have the practical lessons at the main hospitals in Boa Vista.

The Year at the University

Scholar time:

from Monday to Friday - medical students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years.

Everyday - medical students in the last two years of the course.

We have 2 vacations during the year: the first one is between July and August and takes about 1 month. And the another one is in the end of the year, during about 3 months (part of December, January and February).




Useful Abbreviations

UFRR - Universidade Federal de Roraima (Federal University of Roraima).

CCS - Centro de Ciências da Saúde ( Centre of Health Science).

HGR - Hospital Geral de Roraima (General Hospital of Roraima).

HMINS - Maternity of Nossa Senhora de Nazareno

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The host student or family will provide at least one meal per day / the hospital will provide it.

Our local meal consists in bread and coffee with wilk in the morning, and lunch and dinner with rice, red beans, some kind of meat (beef, eggs, chicken, pork or fish), vegetables and salad. Also, there are lots of italian, german, french and japanese culinary references.


The incomings are alocate in students flat house, family houses or republic houses, where students share a house and create a family bound. They will have their own bed and will be provided with one bathroom that can be shared or not, and internet acess, on the house or on the college.


By Plane

Boa Vista has an International Airport used for the aerial companies TAM and GOL with daily flights for the other Brazilian states; and META with international flights to Georgetown (Guyana) and Paramaribo (Suriname). As soon as you arrive at Boa Vista International Airport, there will be, most of the times, someone from the Local Committee, to pick you up and drive you from the airport to your host family/student home, where you will be lodged. Airport Information: International Airport of Boa Vista - Atlas Brasil Catanhede Distance to downtown: 3,5 Km. Address: 100 Captain Ene Garcez Avenue - Santos Dumont Square

By Bus

Moreover, José Amador de Oliveira International Bus Station connects Boa Vista to Venezuela, Guyana, Amazonas and other cities of Roraima.

Bus Station Information: Address:1523 Guianas Avenue - Boa Vista - RR Phone: 0055 95 3623-9446"

City Cabs are secure and a practical option

Public Transports

The transportation can be easily done by bus or taxi. The bus ticket costs R$ 4, 00; it usually serves from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.; the orientation about the bus stations and lines will be given upon arrival, and tha lines can be consulted here:
Taxi's rates vary according to distances and the time of the day, you choose for a ride. The Local Committee and your contact person will always help you with orientation about transportation, but be aware providing transportation is not a mandatory task for any members involved.



Nightclubs (On Night and Buteco Brasil), Pubs (Antique, Scaut, Pit Stop, etc) and Aquatic Parks (Aqua Mak, Echo Park and Iate Clube de Roraima). You can also enjoy some popular music on Sundays at O Cajueiro.

Festa Junina (Saint John Festival):

Festa Junina was introduced to Northeastern Brazil by the Portuguese for whom St John's day (also celebrated as Midsummer Day in several European countries). Differently from what happens on the European Midsummer Day, the festivities in Brazil do not take place during the summer solstice but during the tropical winter solstice. The festivities traditionally begin after the 12th of June and last until the 29th. During these fifteen days, there are bonfires, fireworks, and folk dancing in the streets. Typical foods and beverages are served.


Boa Vista is a quiet city, but with strong cultural characteristics, mainly due to local indigenous roots.

Orla Taumanan: is a small artificial coast on Rio Branco (“White River”). There are cafeterias and restaurants. Every night, hits of MPB are played live. And It is quite bloomy, ventilated and has an amazing view of the Rio Branco.

Ayrton Senna sporting complex: with tennis and basketball courts, space for walking, volleyball in the sand, beach soccer and other sports. There are a lot of snack bars and playgrounds too.

Anaua Park: the biggest park of the north region of Brazil. There are a Forrodromo (show place), a square and a lake.

Praça das Águas: it’s a square that has fountains with different colors of water. The water “react” in a rhythmic way to the music that is playing at the moment. In Praça das Águas, there is the Millennium Portal – monument built for the passage of the millennium. And it also has an Alimentation square and Stores with Indian Crafts.

Natural Wonders: Serra do Tepequém, Monte Roraima, Pedra pintada, island of Maracá, etc.


Bring your own white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.

Come to meet us in Boa Vista!