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Host Family, Student Flat or Hospital
Host Family or Student Flat
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Greetings foreigners, our guests of honor, we hope to see you here with us pretty soon! Take a look at what we can offer to you here in one of the most respected medicine colleges in Brazil. You won’t be disappointed!!! You will find here some useful information. Enjoy!!!

The city of Tubração has a good urban infrastructure and its tourist potential is concentrated in the thermal waters, channeled into comfortable hotels and rural areas, with emphasis on the River Landing location where you can spend pleasant hours in contact with nature and with the local culture and cuisine. For the integration of the region,there are a Locomotive called Maria Fumaça, Which links the cities of Imbituba, Laguna, Criciúma and Urussanga. The route connects these cities to beaches, to the rise of the Serra do Rio do Rastro, the historical monuments and traditions of the ethnic groups that helped populate the region. It is maintained by the Federal Railroad Network. The railroad, situated between the mountains and the sea, on the banks of Tubarão river, has as one of its attractions the numerous bridges. Meet Dona Thereza Christina Square, opened in 1884, on the occasion of the same name railroad centennial, the suspension bridge located in front of the University and the Municipal Culture Centre, which adds a museum in honor of one of the largest Santa Catarina painters: Willy Zumblick, and parallel exhibitions, art classes and performing and a gallery dedicated to the city's history. In addition, Shark has a large trade center of the southern region of the state: the Farol Shopping. The mall has become famous for its structure, its trade deals, multiple jobs and received the title of "the biggest project of this size in the southern Santa Catarina region".

UNISUL - University of Southern Santa Catarina is a great university to be in, specially if you are in medical school. Our medical course was elected one of the best in the state We have great laboratories, which help our research area being on highlights in our region. UNISUL is also involved in a lot of projects involving the population, and our IFMSA's Local Committee has a great responsability on that.

The Hospital

The Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição is the teaching hospital of our university. It is run by the Divine Providence Society, which is a Catholic Society composed of nuns. Nevertheless, the hospital is associated with the Unified Health System(SUS) - the management system of public health in Brazil - which dives the right to any person(including foreigners) to receive care for free. There are departments in this hospital who also serve private care, but constitute a minor part of this institution. Students will have access only to SUS patients. It is the main hospital of our region, so it is responsible for patients coming from a lot of cities around Tubarão.

Our SCORE is unfortunately not active.

Your meals will be defined by your host. You can also eat at the hospital, at home or at restaurants. Remember that the host student won’t give you pocket money.


Host Family, Student Flat or Hospital. The incomings are alocate in students flat house, family houses or republic houses, where students share a house and create a family bound. They will have their own bed and will be provided with one bathroom that can be shared or not, and internet acess, on the house or on the college.


Tubarão is a very well located city, being 2 hours away from the capital Florianopolis and also 2 hours away from beautiful mountains. Our social programs include going to the capital, which is an island and has a lot of beautiful beaches and great night clubs, and also going up to the mountains of our state, the most cold place on our whole country, gifted with amazing landscapes. The city is 30 to 60 minutes away from beautiful beaches like Laguna, Farol de Santa Marta, Jaguaruna, Imbituba, Itapirubá. Combined with getting to know our state(which has the highest Human Development Index of Brazil), we will get together every week during your internship or research to do something like a barbecue or anything just to see how you are doing.


This zone possesses a regular tourist infrastructure. It has lonely beaches and locations for ecotourism.

Morro das Pedras. A beach whose big waves are ideal for surfing.

Armacao. This is a small fishermen community. From this sector, many ships depart to The Island of Campeche.

Do Matadeiro. This beach presents big waves, a reason why it is very popular for surfing practice.

Pantano do Sul. A long beach that contains villas and a fishermen population.

Dos Naufragos. This is a lonely beach with abundant vegetation. It has some rustic bars and lodgings.

Ribeirao da Ilha. A fishermen community where the oyster farming is developed.

Finally, some other very important beaches of Florianópolis are:

Ingleses. This is one of the main beaches of the zone. It has regular waves and a large band of sand. It is regularly visited during summer time by tourists from Argentina. In this époque, this beach is the second most popular; being the most popular The Beach of Canasvieiras.

The Beach of Ingleses keeps many traditions from the ancient Azorean habitants. Its natural main attractions are the sand dunes, which are perfect for sand board practice.

Campeche. This beach has a large brand of soft sand plenty of small dunes. It is a perfect place for surfing. It is a paradisiacal 5 kilometre island with white sand and big waves. Many ships depart to Campeche from The Beach of Armacao.

Joaquina. It is a long beach with big waves. A popular place for surfing and body-board competitions since 1970. This beach counts with a very well organized tourist infrastructure to receive visitors, every year, during surfing competitions.

Do Santinho. This is a recommended location for surfing and body-board practice. It is considered the best beach of the north region. This location holds virgin nature where tranquillity is its main characteristic.

Bring your own white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.
Welcome to Tubarão! :)