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Infectious Diseases, Urology, Anaesthesia, Neurology, Internal Medicine - Invasive Cardiology, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Geriatrics, Ophtalmology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Head and Neck Surgery, Hematology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Internal medicine - Pulmonary, Surgery - Orthopedics, Surgery - Thoracic Surgery, Dermatology, Oncology,
All year,
Hospital or Host Family
Student Flat or Host Family
Mandatory dress code: white pants, white shirts, white shoes and white coat

Teresina is the capital of the State of Piaui, Brazil. It is a hot, sleepy, unpretentious town. It is known as one of the hottest cities of Brazil, and is also an important center for hospitals and other health-related institutions. Formerly called Nova Vila do Poti, Teresina replaced Oeiras as capital of Piauí in 1852. The city was named after the Brazilian Emperor's wife.

Our main hospitals include :
- University Hospital (Hospital Universitário HU-UFPI)
- Hospital of Infectious Diseases (HDIC)
The host student or family will provide at least one meal per day / the hospital will provide it.
The incomings are alocate in students flat house, family houses or republic houses, where students share a house and create a family bound. They will have their own bed and will be provided with one bathroom that can be shared or not, and internet acess, on the house or on the college.
Aeroporto de Teresina/Senador Petrônio Portella Teresina – PI 
By Road
576 km from Fortaleza The bus station is about 8 km southeast of the centre
Taxi R$ 15.
Our social programs are focused on integration to our local culture.

Festa Junina / Arraiá

A traditional party that happens during june, july and august(sometimes). This colorful party is one of the most important fun celabrations of our city and features games like "ciranda", our tradicional foods and drinks such as paçoca, maria isabel, maria mole, mingau de milho, cajuína and also bands with our tradicional music: forró

University Parties

Those parties happen all over the year and are a great oportunity to socialize and meet locals.

Other social programs like a guide through our local foods and drinks, "out of season" parties like a different Carnival and trips to nearby coast cities may happen.

  • Parque Potycabana. Potycabana Park is Teresina’s water wonder-world, situated in front of Teresina Shopping.
  • Mercado Troca-Troca ("barter"). This is a place to exchange your kitchen sink for an old bicycle rather than buy a memento of Brazil. The market started under the vast fig tree that now stands behind the permanent roofing, on the banks of the River Parnaíba. It is fun for those who like a good rummage; the more refined may wish to give it a miss.
  • Catedral de Nossa Senhora do Amparo
  • Museu Histórico do Piauí. This state museum is divided into a series of exhibition rooms devoted to the history of the state; religious art; popular art; archaeology; fauna, flora and minerals; and an eclectic assortment of antique radios, projectors and other ancient wonders. Hidden in the corner of one room is a pathetic cabinet containing a flag, kerchief and some scribbled notes from comunistas, a flexible term used here to describe a group of independent thinkers, who were wiped out by the government in 1937. Admission is free, and the museum is open Tuesday to Friday from 8 to 11AM and 3 to 6PM, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to noon.
  • Palácio de Karnak. This Greco-Roman structure once functioned as the governor's residence and contained valuable works of art and antiques. In the late '80s, the outgoing governor made a quick exit, together with many of the valuable contents.
  • Parque Zoobotânico do Piauí, Rodovia PI 112, KM 5, Tel.: (86) 232-4093, Fax: (86) 222-1415. The botanical park is on the road going north from Teresina towards União. The zoo part of the park is fifty years behind the West with bored unhappy animals (including a blind lion) in cages and insects on pins. Happily the armadillos (tatu) are not in cages and are free to wander around the park with the visitors. Don’t swim in the lake – it is full of caimans (jacaré). The main attraction of the park is the collection of local flora.
Teresina is a very warm city (average temperature: 27 °C) with rain concentrated on the first 4 months of the year.

Bring light clothes and a bathing suit.

Bring your own white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.
Be welcome to Teresina!!