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Host Family, Student Flat or Hospital
Host Family, Student Flat or Hostel

Nothing more than IFMSA Brazil exchange conditions!

Taubaté is a medium-sized city in the State of São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil. Its strategic location between the two most important Brazilian cities (São Paulo (123 km) and Rio de Janeiro (280 km)), connected to both by the Presidente Dutra Highway, between high, cold mountains and the Atlantic Ocean has helped the development of the city. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Vale do Paraíba e Litoral Norte.[2] The population is 302,331 (2015 est.) in an area of 625.00 km².[1] The city has become anindustrial center, seating branches of several companies, including Volkswagen, Alstom, Ford, LG, Embraer, among many others.

Traditional city in São Paulo state, played an important role in the historical and economic development of the country. In the gold cycle was radiating center of bandeirismo discovering gold in Minas Gerais, founding several cities. In the Second Empire, during the coffee boom of the Paraíba Valley, has emerged as the largest municipality in the state production area, hosting the Taubaté Convention in 1906. [3]


After almost four decades, the University has been growing in size and responsibility becoming a strong educational institution, with the credibility of those who work for the development of the Paraíba Valley in the perspective of education.

Currently, UNITAU has 15 thousand students who attend to 42 undergraduate courses, 93 lato sensu courses – including Medical Internship and MBAs – and 10 stricto sensu courses. 
In the area of health, UNITAU keeps the Clinics of Physical Labor, Nutrition, Psychology, Dentistry as well as a University Hospital. All of them have, besides the commitment to offering optimal conditions of practical learning for students, the responsibility for offering supporting services to the community that allow for a better life quality.

Universidade de Taubate, Hospital Universitário de Taubaté e Hospital Regional do Vale do Paraíba


Influence of probiotic bacteria on pathogenecity of Candida, Staphylococcus and Enterococcus - Microbiology


The host student or family will provide at least one meal per day / the hospital will provide it.

Our local meal consists in bread and coffee with wilk in the morning, and lunch and dinner with rice, red beans, some kind of meat (beef, eggs, chicken, pork or fish), vegetables and salad. Also, there are lots of italian, german, french and japanese culinary references.


The incomings are alocate in students flat house, family houses, republic houses or hostel, where students share a house and create a family bound. They will have their own bed and will be provided with one bathroom that can be shared or not, and internet acess, on the house or on the college.


To arrive in Taubaté you can come to the Guarulhos International airport (São Paulo) and there you can take a bus to São José dos campos that costs R$ 22,40 and then you take a bus from São José dos Campos to Taubaté, that costs R$ 12,65. Also, you can take the bus of Airport Bus Service, number 472 to go to Tietê Bus Terminal in São Paulo that costs R$ 50,00 and then you take another bus to Taubate that costs R$ 40,50.

Inside the city you can use the bus, taxi or Uber.

The city lines can be consulted here:

The ticket is currently 3,50 reais


We always organize a party with all incomings, where we exchange some typical local foods and drinks. At The Food and Drink party you get to try some Brazilian dishes and share with us your culture!
Besides that in Taubaté you can also find Clubs, Pubs, Bars. 
These are the main Bars to go:  O Jardim Cultural, Porca Miseria, Dona Bier Irish Pub



Taubaté is very close to the coast, you can visit Ubatuba (about 100km away), Parati (140km away), Caraguatatuba(120km away) and Ilhabela (155km away). You can also visit Campos do Jordão, a beautiful city in the mountain, only 45km away from Taubaté. 

São Paulo, the biggest city of Brasil, it's about 130km away from Taubaté and there are a lot of attractions. Furthermore Rio de Janeiro is 300km away and it's possible to arrive by bus.  

In Taubaté there are some attractions too:

Museu Mazzaropi- a museum about the most famou actor from brazil forties and fifties, of black and white movies that showed the life of the country people. 
Santa Terezinha Sanctuary- a catholic sanctuary where you can find peace and have contact with nature

Monteiro Lobato History and Teaching Museum- Museum dedicated to the life and work of one of our most famous brazilian writer and educator, Monteiro Lobato.

Museu Historico Natural de Taubate- Museum dedicated to the history and interesting facts about the city

Didatic Museum of the Human Body- Museum that illustrates the wonder that is the human body inside our university

Praca Santa Terezinha- It is a square in the city where you can go for a nice walk, and friendly conversation during daytime. 

Horto Municipal Renato Correia Penna- beatiful place besides a lake where families go on the weekends

Parks Gardens Hiking Trails- Trails to explore the enviroment of Taubaté and region. 

Museu Imigracao Italiana - Circolo- Museum about the Italian Imigration to the city

Catedral Sao Francisco das Chagas is the main catholic church, and is richly ornamented

Via Vale Garden Shopping and Taubate Shopping Center are the two malls of the city.

Parque Municipal Vale Do Itaim- the park has a lot of cultural activities and beautiful plants with colorful trees and flowers

Museum of Image and Sound of Taubate

Anderson Fabiano Plastic Arts Museum


Bring your own white coat and stethoscope, notepad and handbook/logbook.
You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.

Welcome to Taubaté, Monteiro Lobato's city!