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Cardiology, Urology, Acupuncture, Proctology, Transplant Surgery, Image and radiology
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Host Family or Student Flat
Host Family or Student Flat
Do not forget to bring your stethoscope, your white coat and your Student Handbook/Logbook! Any further questions, contact our LEOs or your Contact Person.
Laurie Kumano, Lorenna Lara .
São José do Rio Preto (or popularly known as Rio Preto) is a city located at the north/northwest portion of the state of São Paulo, 440 km (273 mi) from the city of São Paulo and 700 km (435 mi) from Brasília.
Founded in 1852, its history is closely linked with trade, the provision of services and agriculture. In 1912, the railroad Araraquarense arrived and stopped in the city for 20 years, transforming São José do Rio Preto into the commercial center of the region.
The city is the 12th largest city in the state and the 52nd biggest in Brazil. Besides that, Rio Preto is considered the third best city to live in the country and is always in the top most developed cities in Brazil.

Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto), best known as Famerp, is a public medical school, founded in 1968, and located in the city of São José do Rio Preto, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Famerp was one of the few Brazilian higher education institutions to receive maximum score from the Ministry of Education of Brazil in 2009.
Famerp is located at the side of the most important Latin American Hospital Complex and has a many classrooms, several laboratories (including a laboratory of clinical practices and computer laboratory), a great library and Hospital de Base (HB) of São José do Rio Preto. Hospital de Base is a reference hospital and has many specialized services  for attendance of SUS (public health service) and particular patients of the region and other city of the all brazilian states.
  • Traditional and modern bases of acupuncture
  • Immunogenetic risck factor for human toxoplasmosis
  • Evaluation of treatment of limphedema after breast cancer
  • Effect of melatonin in breast cancer cells
  • Biomarkers in chronic-degenerative diseases
  • Plasma Metabolimics in oral cancer

The host student or family will provide at least one meal per day (lunch or dinner). The tradicional breakfast consists in bread(with or without butter) and coffee with milk. Already lunch and and dinner, consists rice and beans, diferents kind of meat (cow, chicken, pork or fish), vegetables and salad.
But, the exchange students can try several different dishes throughout their exchange due to different types of meals that can be offered by the hosts and the presence of several restaurants in the city of Rio Preto, which contain several gastronomy from various regions of Brazil or several different countries.


The incomings are received in the houses or apartments of the host (student), family houses or republics, where students can spend the night. Incomings can have their own bed and have the right to use the bathroom to perform personal hygiene procedures.

The incomings must purchase their airline tickets for arrival at Guarulhos International Airport. The following will show you how you can come to Rio Preto by plane or bus.

By Plane
São José do Rio Preto's Airport (SJP) is the main airport in the northwestern region of São Paulo state. It's located within the city's urban zone, almost downtown.
In airport, the incomings need to look for the following airlines:TAM, Gol, Azul and Passaredo. After, they need to buy a ticket to the city of São José do Rio Preto.
Oberservation: Airplane ticket is most expensive, but travel by airplane is faster.

By bus
Bus is certainly the main option used by locals to travel due to its low price, comfort, practicity and flexibility. Bus terminal in Rio Preto is located in downtown and many taxi points are near the bus terminal.
 If the incomings wish to travel by bus, they should take a taxi or look for the bus service from the airport at Guarulhos Airport so that you can move to the bus station of Barra Funda. In the Barra Funda terminal, incomings need to look for the following companies: Cometa, São Raphael, Levare and Itamaty Express. And they need buy a bus ticket to São José do Rio Preto.

Observation: In São José do Rio Preto, they need to take a taxi to Base Hospital (HB) or Famerp.

There are malls:

  • Plaza Avenida Shopping;
  • Praça Shopping;
  • Rio Preto Shopping Center;
  • Iguatemi Rio Preto Shopping;
The most famous places to eat are:
  • Steakhouse - Churrascaria Farroupilha, Churrascaria Ventos do Sul, Castellana Steakhouse, Sal e Brasa and other; 
  • Pizza - Luna Di Napoli, Pizarria Mamma Mia, Nonna Beni, Bella Capri Pizza and other; 
  • Japanese Food - Mirai Japanese Food, Hachi Japanese Food, Hanbai Sushi Bar and other;
  • Ice Cream - Madalê Gelato Artesanal, Nonna Sorveteria and other;
  • Arabic food - Babaganuch, Haris and other;
Water Park:
  • Thermas dos Laranjais in Olimpia (a small city less than 30 minutes by car from São José do Rio Preto)

  • Bless Bar;
  • Casa Kenty;
  • Chess Pub;
  • The Club JK;
  • Vila Dionísio;
  • Bar Dom Pedro;
  • Saaz Republic Bar;

The city's lakes named Represa Municipal  are a great place to chill and to go for a stroll. A popular jogging place among Rio Preto's citizens. Beside the running track, the lake is also home for lots of capybaras (capybara is the world's largest rodent), that became one of the symbols of the city, and that live freely and are commonly seen swimming or roaming around the lake and the track. You may also see other animals living in the lakes, like geese and tiny monkeys.


The Alberto Andaló avenue is the main avenue in the city and is historically where the bars and pubs are concentrated. But nowadays many of the city's great bars and pubs are located elsewhere. Independência street and Saldanha Marinho street have some good options of entertainment as well. Bars are usually open everyday, but are usually packed with people from Thursday to Saturday.
A popular place is the Vila Dionísio, a pub with beers from all over the world and daily rock concerts. There's also Cervejaria Rio Pretana, a local brewery with a built-in bar, located in the city's outskirts.

Be welcome to the capivara city(or São José do Rio Preto)
Don't forget to bring your white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair during the internship.
If you have any questions, you should look for and talk to the local coordinators and they will guide you.