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Bragança Paulista is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population is 160,665 (2015 est.) in an area of 512.6 km².[1] The elevation is 817 m.

The city is famous for its traditional sausages, with several establishments claiming to sell the "real Bragança sausage". Bragança has become a commuter town due to its proximity to São Paulo and Campinas. As a result, real estate is developing at a fast pace and several gated communities have sprung up all over town.

The city is served by Arthur Siqueira Airport dedicated to general aviation.

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The host student or family will provide at least one meal per day, and more can be provided by the host by choice. 


the incomings are alocate in students flat house, family houses or republic houses, where students share a house and create a family bound. They will have their own bed and will be provided with one bathroom that can be shared or not, and internet acess, on the house or on the college.

The city is served by Arthur Siqueira Airport dedicated to general aviation. Also it is really close to São Paulo and Campinas, and the incomings can have a bus to the city. If they arrive in São Paulo (Guarulhos International Airport- GRU) they can take metro(subway) or bus or taxi/uber service to Tietê bus station ( and from there take a bus to Bragança Paulista that costs around 30 reais and leaves every hour from 6:00 am till 11:00 pm. 

In Bragança Paulista there is public transportation that can be acessed in here :

·       How do I get to Bragança from the Airport?

Sao Paulo - Guarulhos Int'l Airport

After getting your luggage and going through customs, get out of the doors and search for this company: 

You’ll buy a ticket to the Bus Station – TIETÊ. It’s something around R$33,00. It lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. They have buses every 15 minutes in rush hours and, at the worst, every hour, so hopefully you won’t have to wait much. Be sure which departure point is yours. Ask for the employees before leaving the company’s counter.

In the Bus Station…

            They will give you a ticket for your bags when you get in the bus.  You have to show this ticket to get your luggage back, so don’t lose it! When you are already in the bus station, just follow people until you see an escalator. Don’t worry, it’s big but it’s also very easy. When you go up, you’ll find a big bus company to your left. It looks like this:

THAT IS NOT IT!!!! It’s just a reference for the one you want!

The correct company is in the same corridor of the company above.

When you see this company’s counter, continue walking along the corridor until it ends. Go ahead as far as you can. In the end of corridor you’ll see a big window, and to your left side, you will see the correct company. It’s this one:

They will most likely NOT understand English!!! So take this message with you: “Por favor, passagem para Bragança Paulista no próximo horário. Obrigado”.

It costs something around R$20,00. It usually departures from PLATFORM 23, but MAKE SURE by looking in your ticket. There are buses to Bragança Paulista almost every 30 minutes, but sometimes this can change to one hour or more. The first bus is at 5:00 am and the last one is at 11:00 pm.

After buying your ticket, you’ll have to find the platform. Turn back the way you came from, and turn right in the first passage (when you see the big company COMETA mentioned before). Go across the “bridge” and turn right again, until the end of the corridor (this is the shopping mall part). Recognize in your right side a fast food store (Bob’s), and a few other restaurants. Keep walking. 

            You’ll see another escalator. When you go down, you will see a VIP room right in front of you. You don’t have to go in there, but in case you have any questions feel free to stop by. You will be at the very end of a big corridor. Turn left and you’ll see all the platforms. Search for number 23 (OR WHATEVER NUMBER IT SAYS ON YOUR TICKET! REMEMBER TO CHECK IT!). When you’re in the right platform, just wait for your bus. There are big clocks everywhere so you won’t lose track of time. Be careful not to miss your bus.

The local coordinators will provide a schedulle with the week social program, and the city contains many local bars such as Triarito, Lago Bier, Porkarias, and many others. There are many opitions of country clubs where you can relax, ride horses, and it tipical food. There will be NFDP - A party with all incomings, where we exchange some typical local foods and drinks. At The Food and Drink party you get to try some Brazilian dishes and share with us your culture!

One of the town's main attractions is Taboão Lake (Lago do Taboão), which houses a number of bars and restaurants. The lake gets crowded on the weekends with lots of people both inside and outside the bars. Places to visit include Triarito (formerly Trairagem, a bar beside the lake serving food and snacks), Lago Bier (a bit more upmarket, with an à la carte menu), Porkarias (with Brazilian country music and dancing) and the pubs in the countryside, like Busca Vida and Santa Luzia which are known for alternative music bands.

Bring your own white coat and stethoscope. You have to respect Brazil's norm NR 32: do not use accessories, wear closed shoes and tie your hair.