Mexico (AMMEF) - Tampico
Emergency medicine, General Surgery, Traumatology, Cardiology, internal medicine, gynecology, paediatrics
January, March, April, May, June, July, August, December
2 per day
hosting family

White Clothes
White Coat

Send previously to your arrival two
formal pictures with white
background to the LEO
Clinical Shoes

Juan Sanchez

Tampico is located in the southeastern part of the state, directly north across the border from Veracruz. The name "Tampico" is of Huastec origin: tam-piko, meaning "place of otters" (literally "water dogs"), because our city is surrounded by rivers and lagoons that were the habitat of a large population of otters. Our city was founded on April 13, 1823, though there had been a series of human settlements in the area for centuries. The region had several early Huastec settlements.

Economic development during the 1920s made the city a pioneer in the aviation and soda industries. Oil is the chief export, but the city also is a major exporter of silver, copper, and lumber, together with wool, hemp, and other agricultural products. Tampico's downtown architecture is an eclectic mix and reflects the growth of the city during the Porfiriato (the period of rule by President Porfirio Díaz). Many buildings include the Neo-classical Town Hall, and the English redbrick Customs House in the docks. The prevalence of New Orleans-style architecture is attributed to the early years of the city, when many building supplies, including pre-built housing components, were shipped from that city to the area during its initial construction.


The Universidad del Noreste was founded in 1970, and It was the first private Medicine university in the state. Our medical school it's for 6 years; the first 4 years students take classes at school and in local hospital, then 1 year is only in the hospital and your last year 1 is in a community that have a health problems near your city. The Medicine School “Dr. José Sierra Flores it’s acreditated for the National Council by the Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM) and for the Medical Examining Board of Puerto Rico.
These certifications are really important for all Medicine students because we can realize medical practice in many different hospitals of the country and in the United States of American as Houston and Dallas in Texas; perform the Undergraduate Medical Boarding school (NORMA Official Mexicana NOM-234-SSA1-2003).

Our metropolitan area has over twelve public and private hospitals with the best technical advances and a highly regarded medical staff consists of more than 1200 doctors practicing among more than 45 medical specialties.


For more information, check the SCORE national EC and the projects database. 

Frequency of risk factors for breast cancer in a primary care unit

Sociodemographic & ginecobstetric factors as etiology in pregnant patients with preeclampsia whos attending as outpatient.


Two meals per day in the Hospital. Dinner is at the expense of the exchange student.


The accommodation will never be the same in our local committee, because we have national exchanges too!

Usually you will stay in the house of a local medicin student of our university and with his/her family. But in December and July you can stay with our national exchanges in a big house for students. The place in which you will stay, always are going to count with
basic household services, such as:
 Gas
 Potable water
 Drainage and sewerage
 Electricity
 Internet
 A bed
We as local committee can’t accommodate persons outside the exchange student (NO
boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family, pets, etc.)


Getting around:

Tampico has easy routes to travel around the city: the cheapest option to get to the hospital is by bus which costs 8 pesos MNX, however our contact person and LEO will show you the easiest and cheapest way to transport in our metropolitan area. Also you can transport by taxi is higher than a bus but is easily, the cost varies depends the distand between 25 and 50 pesos MNX

Getting there

You can arrive Tampico by bus or plane and We always are going to received you as incoming in the airport or in the main bus station. The metropolitan area of is served by General Francisco Javier Mina International Airport. It serves routes to Mexican cities, mainly Mexico City, Monterrey and also has international services, with daily flights to Houston, Texas.

International Airport "Fco Javier Mina"


  • Viva Aerobus
  • AeroMexico
  • American Airlines
  • Interjet
  • TAR

Mexico is one of the most beautiful places in over the world and besides going to the hospital at the weekend will have the opportunity to travel around our Metropolitan area or cities specified as long as two months before the arrival of the students

Actually SCOPE has a regional plan where you can travel for a weekend to some established city. This is a perfect opportunity to know Mexico and other exchange students.

  • First Weekend

The first weekend is always in Tampico, in the one you are going to know everything about our city

  • Second, Third and Fourth Weekend

You can visit other cities with other students, your LEO and contact person.

You can only select in January,June, July, August and December 2 cities; and in March and April only 1 city.

  • El Tajín in Papantla, Veracruz (4 hrs by bus)
  • Xilitla, San Luis Potosi (4 hrs by bus)
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco (12 hrs by bus)
  • Mexico City (8-9 hrs by bus)
  • Veracruz, Veracruz (6 hrs by bus)
  • Monterrey, Nuevo León (8 hrs by bus)
  • Querétaro/ San Miguel de Allende, Tequisquiapan (8 hrs by bus)
Miramar has 10 km of fine sand beach that is characterized by its slope to go into its waters without danger of submerging. You can swim, jet ski and sail.

By sunset, go to its boardwalk, a road strip that delimits the union of the Pánuco River with the Gulf of Mexico. You can admire the entrance and exit of boats and shrimp boats.
  • Our Available Periods are:
  • SCOPE: July, August, December, January.
  • SCORE: February, March, April, May / September, October, November, December.
You can arrange your exchange in two different months provided they are marked within months. (Ex. 2 week of March and 2 of April; 3 weeks of December and one of January).

Previously to your arrival you have to send to the LEO two formal pictures with white background, Proof of Enrollment, Student Record and C.V.

Clinical rotation: From Monday to Friday, time can be varied depending on the area, but never more than 8 hours per day.

Not everybody in the hospital speak English, so you have to speak basic Spanish for having communication in the hospital and with patients. But do not worry we’ll always be there to help!

In our country as a medical student you have to use a WHITE UNIFORM (School or hospital), so please bring your complete UNIFORM; this include white shirt, white pants, clinical shoes, white coat and men should wear tie (doesn´t matter the color); Also bring your scrubs, especially in surgery areas.